Business presentations: Voice tone and speed of speech

Business presentations: Voice tone and speed of speech

When you give a business presentation do you find it easier to present when you are sitting down? Then, if you are required to stand up do you get more nervous? Does your mouth go dry and you start speaking too quickly?

If your speech is normal when you are sitting but your voice suddenly suffers when you get up to present, it is highly likely you have a “Public Speaking Monkey” causing voice chaos.

Often, nervousness and anxiety about a speech can be reflected in the tone of your voice or in the speed of your speech.  When you become aware of these shifts in your speaking, you can begin to make some vital changes.

In order to take on these speaking tips fully you need to first “Tame Your Public Speaking Monkeys“, once that’s done you can follow these tips:

  • Slow down – many people when they give a presentation compensate for their nervousness by speaking as quickly as possible. But this can be difficult to follow and to understand. Tame Your Monkeys and then practice speaking more slowly.
  • Breathe –  naturally when you’re speaking, use your diaphragm and focus on speaking deliberately.  When you speak more slowly, it allows the audience to stay engaged and to feel confident in what you’re saying.
  • Before starting your presentation take a few moments to relax and focus on being grounded, in the room and adopt your presenter stance.
  • Take purposeful pauses – this gives you a chance to think and the audience a chance to process your points.
  • Articulation – If you are someone who mumbles a little then begin to practice exaggerating how you move your lips when you speak. You want the audience to understand every word you are saying, and that means being deliberate in saying each word sound.
  • Volume – While you might have a microphone when you’re speaking in front of an audience, you still want to be aware of your volume.  Speak too softly and you might come across as meek, but speak too loudly and that may come across as abrasive.
  • Practice – with a buddy in the actual room in advance. Ask them to give you feedback on your volume, tone and pace.
  • Record yourself -To gain an idea of what you sound like, it can help to use a digital recorder to help you see where you can improve.

While scoping out the content of your speech is essential, how you deliver it is the most important element when influencing others. When you get unbiased and honest feedback from a public speaking coach or buddy you can begin to improve your voice and other presentation skills too.

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Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 23 Nov 2014

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