Why work with us


Why work with us

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“Dee’s work goes beyond my expectations. She has helped me, as a CEO, to further improve our high

performing team. Her coaching skills in a one-to-one setting provides insights tailored to the situation. She is able to understand what is important to us. We continue to work with her for one-to-one executive coaching.”

Audun Ror
President at Nordisk Aviation Products

  • Just one of the many testimonials penned by a high-level CEO/President of a major international company…

    Dee Clayton is a multi-award winning coach, mentor, and author with a unique set of skills, tools and insights…all blended together with a single aim…to help high performing individuals continue to improve while helping those they are responsible for to achieve more…invariably and inevitably leading to greater results all round.

With a business degree and marketing background with notable names including Jacob’s Creek, Boddingtons, Pizza Hut, and Jammie Dodgers, Dee’s knowledge of the business world is vast and varied. Tie this in with the multitude of skills studied, mastered and trained over more than 15 years, and you have someone in your corner who will help take you, your people and your business to the next level and beyond.

“We initially used Dee to work with some individuals with our Company to improve their performance. This was so successful, we started using her to help with our Executive team development. She has worked with the Exec team individually to assess our personalities and development requirements and then facilitated us on becoming a cohesive management team. It has assisted us in understanding each other and how to work together…the progress we have made would not have been achieved without her insights and expertise. We continue to use Dee for the individual development of key people and for my management group. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to improve an individual or group”

Jason Abbott
Chelton Ltd

Dee has been described as the “Yoda” of the coaching world…being one of very few individuals to have gained such a high level of expertise in so many areas, including Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP, Trainer Level), Insights Discovery (Personality Profiling) and Motivational Maps.

Having these tools and skills (and more) at her disposal enables every top executive to benefit from a totally bespoke and unique experience…helping you to understand why things have happened in the past, and how to empower both you and those around you to make different choices that lead to more individual and collective “wins”.

And with over 30 Business Awards to her name (including National Overall Winner…twice!!), Dee will help encourage, develop, and guide you to achieve even more success.

“With humour, a vast amount of experience, knowledge, regular exercises and often challenging conversations, Dee helps you to reflect, change and adopt better leadership habits. This is neuro linguistic programming and executive coaching at its finest. Over time, your performance will build a momentum, helping change you into the leader you aspire to become.”

Seftton Samuels
Managing Director
SMMT Data Intelligence

So whether you’ve experienced coaching at any level before, or are new to the idea, Dee has proven to be the “missing piece in the puzzle” in thousands of peoples’ lives – both professionally and personally. Her fun, thought provoking and sometimes challenging approach leads to changes that you’re looking for…plus changes you never thought possible.

“The Executive Coaching program with Dee was very insightful. I found it very useful to spend the time looking at my own approaches and behaviors and see where and how I could improve upon those personally and within the team. The regular virtual sessions gave reflection and practice time and I feel that as a result of the program I am better in many areas. For instance how to empower people by asking open questions without any directive hint during communication, and the program is not only of benefit for management of work I but also found it extremely helpful in life, such as a better improved way to speak to my teenage boy. It’s my pleasure to have this program with Dee in the years past.”

Yuxi Ma
General Management
Nordisk Aviation Products

Give Dee and the team a call and take advantage of your free 20-30 minute video call to discuss and chat through where you see areas that you’d love to improve, leading to greater results, retention and profits both personally and throughout your organisation.

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