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Simply Amazing ‘Virtual’ Presentations – Mastery Training

Do you:

  • Host web conferences, video calls or events?
  • Deliver virtual presentations or pitches to remote teams, suppliers or customers?
  • Educate and train end-users, employees or customers remotely via webinars?

Then you’ll know:

  • Meeting, presenting and educating remotely is harder
  • Engaging a remote audience and get them interacting is harder
  • Stopping them from scrolling their emails or social media is harder

The key is engagement – we’ll show you our proven 3 keys approach to delivering Simply Amazing ‘Virtual’ Presentations for online meetings, remote pitches, training webinars and more…that keeps your listeners really engaged and gets them to take the action you want (even when they can’t see you). These are the same 3 keys we’ve used to help hundreds of business professionals create and deliver confident, professional and actionable virtual presentations.

Our techniques have been tested with real online audiences…
…so we know it works!

Let me ask you a question…
Have you ever been on a webinar or video call and started to lose interest…?

…or maybe you felt bored?
…or maybe you even started to scroll your emails and texts?

So here’s how we’ll help you make sure you keep your listeners really engaged and get them to take the action you want

What You’ll Learn On The Virtual Presentations Courses

✔️ How to create an agenda your audience wants to follow

✔️ Where, why and how to ask the different types of questions to maximise engagement

✔️ The structure that means you can deliver naturally (not read off slides)

✔️ Using polls, surveys and other webinar tools in the business context

✔️ The techniques to connect with the audience right away even when they are all muted

✔️ Creating slides that people want to watch and find valuable

✔️ Telling business stories so they remain glued to what you say

✔️ The “three little words” to encourage audience feedback so they are involved and participating naturally

✔️ Inspiring the audience to take action right now (before they start reading their emails)

✔️ How to close the presentation so that you end right on time and they recognise the value

Which means that after the training, you’ll be able to say with confidence…

“I know EXACTLY how to give a valuable virtual presentation that flows well and keeps the participants engaged, involved and motivated about my message.”

You may or may not want to use all these tools and techniques in every situation…however, the more tools you have, the more flexible you can be. And if things ever look like they are going off track you’ll have plenty of ways to pull the audience back in.

Want to know more? Get in touch today! Of course, this training is delivered virtually!


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