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Giving you and your team the confidence to deliver engaging, professional and actionable virtual presentations.

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Do you or your teams need to:

  • Confidently deliver virtual presentations or pitches to remote teams, suppliers or customers?
  • Educate and train end-users, employees or customers remotely via webinars?
  • Host web conferences, video calls or events and sometimes last minute?

Then you’ll know:

Meeting, presenting and educating remotely can be even more nerve wracking.

Engaging a remote audience and getting them to interact is harder than in face-to-face situations.

Getting them to pay attention and build trust with you instead of scrolling on their phone takes conscious planning and effort.

The key is addressing the things that are missing in virtual compared to in person presentations.

  • How do you and the audience feel at ease, natural and not embarrassed or self-conscious?
  • How do you create an environment where conversations are flowing naturally rather than either awkward silences or talking over one another?
  • How do you inspire people into action or gain buy-in without sending them scrolling, or worse, to sleep?

We’ll show you our proven 3 keys approach to delivering Simply Amazing Virtual Presentations for online meetings, remote pitches, training webinars and more…that builds trust and rapport immediately, keeps your listeners really engaged and gets them to take the action you want (even when they can’t see you). These are the same 3 keys we’ve used to help hundreds of business professionals create and deliver confident, professional and actionable virtual presentations.

Our techniques have been tested with real online audiences…

…so we know it works!

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Let me ask you a question…

Are you or your teams pitching confidently and maximising your potential via Zoom or other webinar calls?

…or maybe, like many professionals just muddling through trying to do your best?
…or maybe you worry about the technology or feel that you’re boring people?

Have you ever been shown by a professional how to maximise these opportunities or are you self-taught when it comes to the world of presenting online?

Do you feel you’re not making your best impact when hosting online meetings?
If the answer to any of these is yes, our expert coaches are here to help.

Contact us today to find out how.

So here’s how we’ll help you make sure you feel really confident delivering virtually, keep your listeners really engaged and get them to take the action you want…

What will you or your teams learn on our Simply Amazing Virtual Presentations courses? Click to find out


Our programme’s focus is on the Keys To Successful Virtual Presenting – we cover the content areas which most people find are different or harder online are:

✔️ Priming the audience – what are the essentials to communicate before the meeting begins so you set yourself up for a confident start? (There are many more than most people think!)

✔️ Feeling confident – How do you stop those nerves or worries aka “Public Speaking Monkeys” from niggling away at you saying, “you’re boring” or “you’re gonna make a mistake?”

✔️ Welcoming people – how do ensure your audience feels immediately comfortable? And how do you create that all important positive ‘first impression’?

✔️ Setting expectations – what’s the best way to work together so participants know what is expected of them meaning they feel calm and confident about interacting with you?

✔️ Maintaining energy – have you noticed the camera drains away your personality? If so, what can you do about it? And why might you want to team up with someone?

✔️ Small, simple messages – excellent in presentations and essential in virtual presentations. How can you bring small and simple to your structure, messages, and slides?

✔️ Full participation – what techniques can you use to gain presenter/participant interaction and how can you encourage shy participants to interact? When do you want to encourage group interaction and how do you avoid losing control?

✔️ Genuine buy-in – what approaches work best to avoid losing your audience? Why is it essential to ‘out’ objections in the presentation and how can you create an environment where people feel safe and able to speak up?

✔️ Committing to actions – why should you plan your actions before creating your content? When reading the audience isn’t easy, how do you ensure people are onboard?

✔️ Different strokes for different folks – what are the different audience styles, and which are you best and worst at? How do you ensure you’ve given the audience what they need in the way they want it so they can decide, commit or take action?

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