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Our training courses, coaching courses, team & 121 training options are available virtually and in person.

Management Training Courses

Communication Skills Courses For Managers, Managing Teams And Personal Impact

Communication isn’t only about public speaking – the majority of the impact we have on those around us is how we communicate on a daily basis. That’s why we also offer management communications training courses to help managers and teams interact with one another, their customers and their clients more effectively.

Our most popular management training courses are:

We often tailor management courses to suit an organisation’s needs. As an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for business, personality and communications profiling (using the Insights Discovery colour energy model), Dee combines her skills (and those of her highly experienced associates) to identify your training needs to be successful. We might look at which mindsets make some people highly effective communicators and others less so. Once identified, we then develop a unique combination of methods and techniques to pass those ‘keys to success’ on to course participants.

Our management training programmes are bespoke to your business needs. We offer in-house training and one-to-one coaching sessions face-to-face or via video calls.

If you would like to discuss your challenges and our management training courses further please contact us or give us a call at the St Albans office or Bournemouth office on 0330 223 4392.

Our company needed help in prioritising our workload to ensure we were fit for the future and had the resources available to match our ambitions.

The training programme designed and delivered by Dee and Dom proved to be invaluable… challenging, inclusive, engaging and insightful…

The tools and techniques they taught enabled us to work through our prioritisation challenges efficiently and effectively.

Whilst we are still on the journey, this programme has provided a solid foundation and framework and I am confident we will arrive where we need to be armed with the knowledge, tools and techniques we have learnt.

Thank you!

Yung Tran
Head of Member Services and Business Development

Management Communication Skills Training

Take a quick look at our video below that shows some of the reasons why management communication skills training with Simply Amazing Training is different.

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