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Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Training

Our new Bournemouth office ensures that we can provide a full range of presentation skills coaching and public speaking training within the Bournemouth and Dorset area.

Public speaking training and Executive Public Speaking Coaching sessions are often held at The Cottonwood Boutique Hotel overlooking the Bournemouth seafront. We are happy to work on-site at your Dorset offices with either one person or a whole team.

Dee Clayton (founder of Simply Amazing Training) was born and grew up in Lymington, Hampshire and she loves spending time near the sea.

"My family are mostly based in Hampshire or Dorset, so when I was seeking to expand my training company into a second location, Bournemouth was the obvious choice.

Whether you are within a few hour’s drive of Bournemouth or want in-house bespoke presentation skills training right in the heart of Bournemouth, perhaps in your offices - Marion and I’d love to help."

Please call the Bournemouth Office for more information on 0330 223 4392 or simply complete our website enquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Telephone: 0330 223 4392

We are pleased to be able to share the following stories from clients who we have helped in the Bournemouth, Dorset area.


Motivational speaking mentoring with Micheal Duberry

Depending on how much of an AFC Bournemouth fan you are (and how old you are!) you might remember Micheal Duberry playing for Bournemouth in 1995. He started out with Chelsea and came on loan to Bournemouth before he played for Leeds and other clubs. It was a happy coincidence then, when he asked me [Dee] to work with him that Simply Amazing Training has its office in Bournemouth. After the mentoring programme with me, Michael gave one of his first talks to a captivated audience of over 70 people in the Bournemouth Hallmark Hotel.

"I decided I wanted to do motivational speaking, [Dee] taught me how to structure a talk, what was my ethos, what did I believe in, what where my core priorities in a talk ... the things she said I needed to change I’ve changed..."

"... I’m happy with my talk I thought it was full of energy the reaction from the crowd was good [and I included] some of the key points she [Dee] told me to help me so I’ve got no complaints. My confidence in how to structure a talk, how to be a speaker has grown and that’s just been working one to one with Dee ..." Micheal Duberry.

Claire Hartnell's success at her first conference presentation to 200 people!

Claire Hartnell from CJ Garden Services based in Chandlers Ford “tamed” her public speaking monkeys with us last year when she attended our course at The Village hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset. Watch her video about her recent successes. Well done Claire!

Helping Nick Coombs to speak confidently and even take part in BBC interviews!

Nick Coombs of the Dorset Destroyers is one of those I've helped. When he contacted me he said he was desperate for some training in how to speak to people confidently. He also wanted to be able to speak professionally when asking for funding to start his dream ... the first rugby wheelchair club in Dorset.

In his own words he was a “quivering wreck” when talking to strangers but since doing his training Nick has raised significant funds and the club is going from strength to strength.

Rugby matches have been played with Jonny Wilkinson, Nick has met royalty and has been interviewed on the BBC!

"Thank you Dee you've made a HUGE difference to my life. It's nice to be more human again.

Do you remember when we met in September and I wanted to be able to stand up in front of the players and be able to talk to them? Now look at me!! On the BBC doing interviews!!

Cheers Dee you've helped change the future of Disability Sports in Dorset." Nick Coombs of the Dorset Destroyers.

My interview with Let’s Talk Business radio, Bournemouth

A while back I was delighted to be interviewed by Let’s Talk Business radio which was based in Bournemouth. I’ve just recently re-watched this and two things came to mind;

1) Everything I said is as relevant now as it was then.

Alan Coote an ex BBC presenter asked me all sorts of “Simply Amazing” questions from how to overcome presentation fear, to handling tricky audience members concerns, and closing your talk with a bang!

Take a look at this short video for some top tips I normally only share on my presentation skills training programmes.

Many of these tips and more are shared in detail in my new book soon to be published in 2018. “How to Avoid Career Limiting Presentations” which shows business professionals how they are unknowingly holding back their own careers (and possibly even those of their teams) through missed public speaking opportunities or by delivering poor business presentations.

P.S. The second thing I learnt was that the camera really does add extra pounds!! Happily I’m now two stone lighter!!


Please feel free to contact me for a chat about how I can work with you to help you with public speaking anxiety, improve the delivery of a business presentation or work with your team on communications and team dynamics with Insights Discovery.


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