Our Money Back Guarantee

We go out our way to make sure our programmes represent great value for money – and by “value” that’s whatever YOU have told us is of value to you. It might be the confidence to go for a promotion, knowing you can deliver a client presentation that will win more business or gaining more sleep before a presentation! It might be the ability to relax and spend time with the kids rather than over preparing or just knowing you can do that talk on a topic you are passionate about. Our guarantee to you is that you will receive back in “value” the investment price you paid (and because we are aiming for you to get loads more we are very confident in our ability to offer this guarantee).

How does it work?

Before we work with you, we will have spoken about what you need and agreed that we are a good match to help you. Then at the beginning of the programme we will ask you to put in writing your precise goals for the programme and based upon that written document we will:

  • Get you where you want to be by the end of the programme
  • Or get you confident enough to know you are well on the path and with more practice you know how to get there AND feel confident that you can get there

(In the unlikely event that you and your coach do not think you can agree reasonable expectations you can agree if expectations need to be adjusted or all monies paid would be returned).

This is of course subject to some fair terms and conditions below.

All you need to do is follow your coach’s instructions, complete your personalised home play and always be open and honest about how you are feeling because it is only with openness that you and your coach can overcome any bumps there might be in the road. It is important that your coach knows how you are feeling at all times and because proactive communication is important, throughout the sessions it will be assumed that you are receiving excellent value for money unless you tell your coach/trainer otherwise.

We often proactively invite you to review each session and whether we do or not, within 24 hours of completion of each session, it will be assumed that you know you have received excellent value for money unless you inform your coach in writing otherwise.

If you raise a concern within 24 hours of your last session it is then the decision of your mentor to either:

  • Be confident that this is just part of the process, and extend the guarantee to the previously completed and subsequent session(s)
  • Or continue working with you until you do feel you have received “value for money”
  • Or return your investment price for that session and any monies paid in advance.

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