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Our training courses, coaching courses, team & 121 training options are available virtually and in person.

Public Speaking Coaching Courses

Our public speaking courses now offers you more for less.

Because Simply Amazing Presentation Skills Training just got even more budget-friendly with course upgrades with greater expertise than ever before, we are bound to have a solution to meet your needs. Take a fresh look at what we offer…

You may already know we are passionate about helping professionals feel more confident and did you know we also help professionals to communicate with even more influence and persuasion? Invaluable – especially in these changing times, it’s never been so crucial to possess these crucial communication skills. Because we want you and your teams to work with us, we’ve recently expanded our people and training courses whilst shrinking our prices 

Benefit from our upgraded courses – more choice, flexibility and materials than ever before with our bespoke training courses

✔️ Our multi-award winning approach is now segmented into three distinct stages so you can choose which best suits you, your calendar and your budget.

✔️ We’ve worked with a voice coach to the stars so we can pass her professional secrets, about voice, breathing and managing stage fright, on to you!  

✔️ We’ve improved our support materials: We include booksworkbooks and videos meaning you get to prepare before the course, learn and practice during and then embed your learnings afterwards meaning your new habits will stick.

Work with our accredited coaches giving you more experience, availability and flexibility across the UK

Will Grover and Skyler Shah are fully trained in the Simply Amazing Training system. Following graduation from their 6-month training period, they’ll share with you our proven techniques alongside unique skills of their own such as:  

✔️ Training and coaching 

✔️ Running their own businesses and pitching to clients

✔️ Professional singing experience

✔️ TED talk experience and more

Our public speaking training is offered across the UK and internationally as required including London, Hertfordshire, Bournemouth, Kent, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Manchester and many more locations. We are happy to work with you at your office or business or happy for you to come to us if you prefer.

Our public speaking courses are more budget-friendly than ever before

Up to date at the time of publishing: November 2019


Public Speaking FAQs

That depends on what you need and if the coaching is for one person or a team? What type of training is needed? Where are you based and what experience levels do participants have? But broadly speaking most people fit into needing one or more of our Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 programmes. For more information please see here for bespoke one to one public speaking coaching pricing and here for our team public speaking coaching pricing which should give you a better idea. 

Public speaking training is all about having a fully trained expert work with you to show you proven techniques that will work for you, your situational and your business. The benefit of one to one or in house team training over open courses where all sorts of levels and companies are in the same room is that our coaching is tailored to YOUR needs meaning the results you get are faster, better and will last longer saving you ultimately time and money.

We work with a wide range of professionals across all sorts of sectors we might even manage an A-Z of who we’ve worked with – here goes:

  • Accountants and apprentices
  • Bankers
  • CEOs and Category Controllers
  • Doctors and Department Heads
  • Engineering Managers and Directors
  • Finance Directors, Footballers and Field Marketers
  • Graphic Designers
  • HR Managers, Directors
  • IT consultants and Directors
  • Jeweller
  • Lead Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing Managers and Managing Directors
  • National Account Managers
  • Operations Directors
    Police Officers and company Presidents
  • Quality Managers
  • Researchers and Regional Sales Managers
  • Sales teams, Sales Directors and Solicitors
  • Technical Directors and Training Managers
  • University lecturers
  • Value stream managers
  • Website designers
  • X
  • Y
  • Z
    So we are on the lookout for X-ray operators, Yoga teachers and Zoologists to complete our list!

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  • Toyota
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Volkswagen
  • Tesco
  • Premier Foods
  • RBS Bank
  • Danone

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