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Public Speaking Coaching

CPD accredited courseOne to one public speaking course

Our one to one personal presentation training and public speaking coaching course is great for those who prefer learning on a one to one basis – covering everything you need from overcoming public speaking fear to advanced presentation techniques for sales presentations and keynote speeches.

Look at the programme overviews to see which suits your needs best. The techniques I share with you are multi-award winning and yet personalised precisely to identify the exact areas you need help with.

There are three coaching courses listed below, which each focus on different elements of my unique ‘7 Steps to Being Simply Amazing’ process detailed at the very bottom of this page.

Depending on your needs, you’ll want to look at the right course for you, or just give me a call today and I can advise which will suit you best. Download my brochure for more information.


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With this unique system individuals will understand their public speaking fears, learn to see them in a different light and ultimately be presenting with confidence any time, any place – every time. I’ll personally take you step by step through the multi-award winning “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys” approach so the public speaking fear or presentation nerves can be tackled. The “fear monkey” technique is an approachable and easy to understand way to deal with negative voices in your head.

This course consists of face to face “how to” Public Speaking training sessions with me, Dee Clayton. Alongside the personal one to one presentations training is an accompanying presentation skills online training course which is easy to use and follows the structure of my hard copy book you’ll also be using “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys – Building Confidence For Public Speaking And Presentations”.

Watch the short video below to see for yourself the before, during and after results with Yeshim.

Watch the video below to hear how one of our many successful clients benefited from her presentations training, in her own words…

A few days laterAt a high profile 100+ people meeting in Parliament yesterday I was asked to give a short but strategic message of concluding remarks. I had only 15 mins to prepare. It went so well! I managed to say everything I wanted with such ease, I couldn’t believe it! I must have motivated people too, as I received some great feedback afterwards, including a new project proposal.

Thank you Dee. Yeshim Feridun (Director-Feridun Projects


‘7 Steps to Being Simply Amazing’ process:

1.       Catch and Connect – I help you to identify what is causing your nerves or hindering your performance.

2.       Tame – We work together to eliminate these fears.

3.       Presentation Style – With a focus on situations, audience, style and objectives, I help you craft and practise your framework and story so it suits your personality and resonates with the audience.

4.       Content Principles – I teach you the 4 pillars of structure and engaging content – a critical, but often missed part of the process. You apply the theory to a relevant case study presentation.

5.       Learn and Remember – Using your case study presentation I will share effective preparation techniques and simple steps to help you to learn and remember – tailored to your learning style.

6.       Engaging Delivery – A chance for you to develop excellent delivery skills you can use again and again, applying what you learn to your chosen presentation or keynote.

7.       Practice and Review – This is the time to practice – after all, “practice makes permanent”. So now you’re happy with the talk it’s time to review and learn how to best utilise the practise time you have.

 One to one presentation skills coaching is available in: 

    – London, St Albans, Hertfordshire

    – Bournemouth, Dorset & other locations by agreement

– Prices vary depending on location – please contact us for more details.

    – UK wide by phone, teleseminars and webinars

✔ Client proposals ✔ Conference chairing ✔ Conference presentations ✔ Customer meetings ✔ Department meetings ✔ Elevator pitches ✔ Events & seminars ✔ Facilitation ✔Investment proposals ✔ Keynote speeches ✔ Networking introductions ✔ New product lunches ✔ Staff training ✔ Sales pitches ✔ Selling from stage ✔ Events & seminars ✔ Team meetings

For more information or to book your training, please email Dee or call us on 0330 223 4392 or 03302234392 .

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