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Taking the first steps to becoming a confident presenter can be daunting. Not everyone wishes to share their learning experience within a team framework or with a group of peers. Some thrive within a tailor-made programme which focuses on their personal needs and pain points.

This is where one-to-one presentation skills training really comes into its own.

Using a blended learning approach with workbooks, face-to-face sessions, books and calls, your coach will help you discover your very best presentation style and fine-tune it so that you grow into a calm, confident and coherent presenter.

At Simply Amazing Training we understand that every individual is unique, so you’ll receive everything you need for your personal development. You’ll learn how to eliminate those niggling unwanted thoughts and behaviours which can affect your presentation, helping you to become a confident public speaker.



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Why 1-2-1 presentation skills courses might be better for you

There are a lot of training companies in the UK that offer group, classroom-style training courses for presentation skills where they try to fill a room and talk at you for the day. We’ve all been to those types of training courses before, haven’t we? They definitely have their purpose in some scenarios and in fact, we offer group training sessions as well, however, one to one coaching may be preferential for you and reap the biggest benefits depending on how confident you are with presenting in public. Some people naturally need a more tailored approach to learning which is why Simply Amazing Training believes strongly in one to one training.

Here are just some of the benefits of one to one presentation skills courses that may apply to you:

✔️ Our one-to-one intensive coaching saves you valuable time. Because it’s tailored to you as an individual, you can expect amazing results.

✔️ We use a mindset approach, so we’re not teaching you acting – it’s about building genuine, authentic confidence.

✔️ Our marketing background enables us to make your message effective as well as your delivery.

✔️ The Presenter Personality Styles we use will not only help you to understand yourself better but your audience and everyone around you too.

✔️ Our “blended learning” approach with follow-up calls aids retention and underpins the creation of better behaviours and habits.

✔️ We like to help you create the best mindset not just learn the skillset.

✔️ Multi-award winning business founded by Dee Clayton – speaker, trainer and 2x best selling Amazon author.



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Presentation skills training may be for you if…

  • You have a fear of public speaking or suffer from anxiety
  • You’re planning for board-level, keynote or major sales presentations
  • You’re in a leadership or management position and want to communicate more effectively
  • You’re looking to progress your career and make yourself more valuable to your business
  • You prefer to learn at your own speed, at times and dates to suit your diary
  • You want to gain more confidence when speaking to an audience
  • You’re looking at starting up your own business or becoming an entrepreneur
  • You Wish to better understand your own challenges, behaviours and style in confidence with public speaking with your Coach
  • You’re open to improving both your mindset and your skillset when public speaking



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