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One-To-One Presentation Skills Coaching

Taking the first steps to becoming a confident presenter, either face to face or online can be daunting; not everyone wishes to share their learning experience with a group of strangers or in front of peers because they may find it embarrassing, frustrating or too slow. Some thrive within a tailor-made programme which focuses on their personal needs and pain points for delivering a presentation.

This is where presentation skills coaching really comes into its own and we are passionate about Bringing Out Your Best.

Whether you want face to face or virtual coaching sessions, we use a ‘Blended Learning’ approach meaning there’s even more to it than the live interactive training sessions. We help your learnings happen faster and stick for longer through:

  • Workbooks
  • Written reflections
  • Optional video reviews/practice with feedback
  • Referencing our resources
  • Reading our books
  • Coaching and more

Your personal coach will give you individual attention, helping you discover your very best presentation style and fine-tune it so that you grow into a calm, confident and successful presenter.

At Simply Amazing Training we understand that everyone is unique, so included in the training programme is everything you need for your own personal development. You will learn how to eliminate those niggling unwanted thoughts and behaviours that effect your presentation skills  (aka Public Speaking Monkeys), helping you focus on specific aspects of your presentations (for example delivering your presentations virtually or improving your body language) and gain true confidence as a public speaker.

Are you looking for team presentation training?

Do you need your staff to be calm, confident and successful presenters? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We will equip your team with everything they need to be just that. We can deliver our expert presentation training at your offices or a venue of your choice, making it time well spent and convenient. Your staff will learn how to eliminate unwanted thoughts & behaviours around presenting, as well as how to become confident in public speaking. We work on mindset, skillset & toolset and use a blend of resources before, during and after the presentation training to ensure their learnings stick like glue.

Click here to visit our team presentation training page!

Why one-to-one presentation skills coaching might be better for you

There are a lot of training companies out there that offer classroom-style courses for presentation skills training where they try to fill a room and teach everyone the same thing for the day; no matter their job or experience. And now this trend has moved to virtual classrooms too. But we’ve all been to those types of generic courses before, haven’t we? Whilst they may be low cost, they may not be cost effective if one to one presentation skills coaching is preferential for you, your public speaking situation and your learning style. Some people naturally need a more tailored approach to learning which is why Simply Amazing Training champions one to one presentation skills coaching.

Here are just some of the benefits of our presentation skills coaching courses that may apply to you:

✔️ Our one-to-one intensive presentation coaching saves you valuable time. Because it’s tailored to you, we share techniques to address your personal challenges and you can expect amazing results. Take our quiz to test your virtual and face to face presentation skills

✔️ We pride ourselves on ‘Bringing Out Your Best’ – your coach has a business background (we aren’t actors by profession), because we don’t think you should need to act when presenting

✔️ Confidence from the inside out – we use a mindset approach to help you be the best version of yourself which means that when you speak you’ll feel genuine, authentic and exude confidence, from the inside out

✔️ Hone your message. Our marketing background enables us to help you enhance the effectiveness of your delivery and your message

✔️  Perfect your persuasion and pitching skills. We work with many experienced and confident clients who want to gain a competitive edge when pitching resulting in more clients, connections and customers

✔️ Don’t be boring, engage your audience – Learn how to engage and interact virtually or face to face in meetings, presentations and keynote

✔️ Better understand your presenting style and how to adapt – The Presenter Personality Styles (we developed and use) will not only help you to understand your preferred style of presenting it will enable you to better address your audience’s needs and wants.

✔️ Lifelong learning – Our “blended learning” approach with email support aids retention and underpins the creation of better long-term behaviours and habits

✔️ Relax knowing you’re in safe hands – Multi-award winning business founded by Dee Clayton – speaker, trainer and best-selling Amazon author.

✔️ Available near you – Choice of face to face locations across the UK to suit you including London, Hertfordshire, Bournemouth, Kent, Leicestershire and available virtually around the globe


Presentation skills coaching may be for you if…

  • You have a fear of public speaking or suffer from anxiety

  • You are great presenting in person but need to adapt to virtual presentations

  • You’re planning for board-level, keynote or major sales presentations

  • You want to interact and engage with your audiences not just preach at them!

  • You’re in a leadership or management position and want to communicate more effectively

  • You’re looking to progress your career and make yourself more valuable to your business

  • You want to win more virtual or face to face pitches

  • You prefer to learn at your own speed, at times and dates to suit your diary

  • You want to gain more confidence when speaking to a virtual audience who aren’t in the room with you

  • You want to practise your presentations and get honest, unbiased and constructive feedback before delivering it for real

  • You’re looking at starting up your own business or become an entrepreneur and need to communicate your USP more effectively

  • You’re looking at starting up your own business or becoming an entrepreneur

  • You want to understand what is holding you back and how to become confident in public speaking

  • You’re open to improving both your mindset and your skillset when public speaking

Presentation Skills Coaching FAQs

Presentation skills coaching allows you to benefit from working with an expert in presenting and speaking. We will share our short cuts, experience, and knowledge with you, provide a safe place to practice and give you honest and constructive feedback on your presentations

Coaching is for anyone who is open-minded and ready to learn. We work with absolute beginners and more advanced speakers. Talk to us and we’ll be able to best identify where we can help or take our quiz to see your own strengths and weaknesses lie.

The details for each course can be found on the website and broadly we provide a Blended Learning programme with the main feature either being face-to-face training or virtual face-to-face sessions AND email coaching support.

Prices vary by programme and because it’s important to give you exactly what you need it is important we speak to you to find out what you need before we give you a quote. But if you are looking for a cheap course we won’t be the right provider for you, instead we pride ourselves on bespoke, highly effective training programmes that offer great value for money. Ask us about our money-back guarantees.

We are based in the UK and virtually we can work with you anywhere (we are pretty flexible where time zones are concerned!) If face to face is for you then we are happy to travel to you and our network of Accredited Coaches means we can reach you more easily than ever before.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients to “Tame Your Public Speaking Monkeys” and we’ve written a book by the same name. So, if that’s the result you want the take a look at our programmes Stages 1 to 3. Listen to our happy customers and see for yourself how nervous they were before and how confident they are now. And we are so confident we can help we offer a value for a money-back guarantee.

Yes, presentation structure is very important, not only so the audience connects with your key messages but also it is a key to being a strong confident and clear presenter. Learn more about this in Stage 1 Present with Confidence and especially Present Like A Pro.

Drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss your needs and then get going as soon as possible.

One to one is just you and the coach in the virtual or physical room, great for very nervous people, very private people and/or people keen to move quickly through material that is appropriate to them.

Team presentation skills training is for a team from the same company or a collection of people from the same company. They will cover similar content as 1:1 but likely in less depth, and they get to learn from and practice in front of one another. For some people, this is just what they need and for others, 121 training is better.

Let’s chat and find out what is right for you and your people.

We define Blended Learning as an approach that uses a combination of face to face teaching either in-person or via web calls and blends that with other tools and techniques to help you learn more easily, quickly and make changes more permanently. For example, you may complete workbooks, watch videos, and read relevant chapter in our book. Or be asked to reflect on your learnings and if you want to, provide review videos.

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