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We love to and always aim to, offer the best value and greatest long-term impact for our clients. To achieve this we collaborate with specially chosen complementary providers on bespoke and specific projects. This approach enables us to leverage partners with different backgrounds and experiences to bring a wider perspective and complement our proven methods. Melanie runs her own company delivering leadership development and team effectiveness and enjoys working in partnership with Dee and Simply Amazing Training on strategic projects.

Melanie (Dom) Blyth

Mel Blyth

Curiosity. Care. Challenge. Customer-focus.

Uniting these core elements in all of her projects, Melanie believes that people make business, not the other way around.

What makes a senior leadership team strong? How can employers bring out the best in their staff and cultivate real motivation? How do they do this in virtual and hybrid working environments? What does great look like?

With over twenty years of experience in leading varied and often virtual commercial teams in companies worldwide and a life-long passion for travel and cultural diversity, Melanie runs Phoenix Evolution, a company delivering leadership development and team effectiveness: helping her clients find the answers.

Utilising bespoke approaches focused on her clients’ greatest opportunities and toughest challenges, Melanie reveals tools and strategies that significantly boost team engagement and collaboration, both in virtual and face-to-face situations. She facilitates each team to build confidence, curiosity and care, whilst being able to positively challenge each other. Overall, helping her clients, and the people they manage, achieve their ultimate potential together – as a team empowered.

What others say about Melanie (Dom):

“Melanie’s authentic and caring approach in leadership ensures that she brings the best out of everyone and builds a strong effective team bond quickly.”

“She champions diversity and inclusion, and always has great examples of what she’s learnt in her own career to help others in their careers.”

“Her style is always energetic and delivered with enthusiasm and humour, but never shying away from confronting challenges head-on.”

“From a professional perspective, she is highly organised, very logical and has an extremely strategic approach which means she can see the bigger picture and then distil it.”

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