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New Year Goal-Setting

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Executive Summary

New Year Goal-Setting

  • Template for effective goal-setting:
    • Use the provided template to set specific, achievable goals for your personal life and career.
  • Goal review and adjustment:
    • Regularly review your goals and make adjustments as needed to ensure you stay on track.
  • Support from external resources:
    • Consider seeking guidance from an executive coach or mentor to enhance your goal-setting and achievement efforts.
  • Personal and professional growth:
    • Use the New Year as an opportunity to raise your profile at work and develop your public speaking skills to advance your career.

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There’s no better time than the New Year to focus on goal-setting – to look at what you’ve achieved over the past year, and think about your direction for the next twelve months. Goal-setting provides focus, boosts motivation and increases your self-confidence. If you want to stay happy and motivated, it’s important to do this for both your personal life and your career.

Insights Discovery has produced a useful goal-setting template. It prompts you to think ‘This year I’ll…’ about the following:

  • Travel to…
  • Read about…
  • Ask someone…
  • Do more…
  • Do less…
  • Make an effort to…
  • Challenge myself to…
  • Be more curious about…
  • Learn to…
  • Learn not to…

This template works well for your personal life and your working life and is far more effective than making New Year’s resolutions. It steers you towards setting realistic, achievable targets, so there’s every chance you’ll be able to accomplish everything you intend to.

Print it out here, fill it in, and keep it somewhere visible as a constant reminder throughout the year.

Get into the habit of regularly reviewing your goals, and check that you’re still on the right track. You might find that you do so well that you have to do another goal-setting exercise after six months! But if it takes longer than a year, so be it. The main thing is that you’re continuously making progress and moving forwards.

Working on your goals becomes clearer and more effective with the guidance of an executive coach or mentor. Through personalised and meaningful conversations, they help you identify and prioritise what truly matters to you. The common areas they can help you with are in terms of enhancing your performance, boosting employee retention, coaching your team, promoting teamwork/collaboration, increasing efficiency, devising long-term strategies, providing career guidance, and establishing both visibility and credibility.

In terms of the new year at work, perhaps it’s time to get out there and raise your profile? Whether a small or a large opportunity, there’s always a way to raise your profile at work and be noticed for all the right reasons. Could you, for example, volunteer to:

  • Present at a conference?
  • Hold a new meeting?
  • Train someone?
  • Attend a lunchtime learning event?
  • Speak at an industry event?

If the thought of any/all of the above fill you with dread, it’s time to get in touch. Our

Public Speaking Monkeys approach uses proven

NLP techniques to work on mind-set before skill set. Once your monkeys are tamed and you are free of fear, your confidence will soar. Then we can start working on advanced

presentation skills techniques, and you’ll develop into a strong presenter.

Perhaps you are someone who isn’t scared of public speaking, but are you really the best you can be? And are you really pushing yourself forward at every opportunity? If the answer is no, our

Executive Coaching Consultancy which is a personalised and goal-oriented professional development process can help you through it. Your executive coach can help you tackle specific challenges you’re facing at work, focuse on what you need most, and offer support, feedback, and strategies to improve your skills and performance. Another programme is our

One To One Presentation Skills Modules which could also be for you. It has been designed for people who are already confident and competent presenters, but really want to master the art.

Go on, I challenge you to make that one of your goals – bring out the best in you.

Executive Coaching Consultancy

Presentation Skills Coaching

Author: Dee Clayton

Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing TrainingDee Clayton, an acclaimed coach and winner of the prestigious Overall National UK NBW Award in 2022, has over 30 years of experience in communication. With over half of her career as an author, mentor, and trainer. Dee offers a distinctive blend of skills and insights. Her mission is clear: to empower high-performing individuals to excel further, while guiding their teams to unprecedented success. Connect with Dee via LinkedIn.

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Jan 2024

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