Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Jan 2024

New Year Goal-Setting

Read time: 4 minutes Template for effective goal-setting: Use the provided template to set specific, achievable goals for your personal life and career. Goal ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 30 May 2023

Why Executive Coaching Services are Essential for Business Leaders

If you’re a business leader looking to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the ever-changing business world, then you already know ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 25 Nov 2022

What a Simply Amazing birthday present – selected from 1000s as National Award OVERALL WINNER…again!

Read time: 2 minutes 3 Amazing Facts about the Awards Simply Amazing Training has won the National Business Women’s Award for Overall Winner. On ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Aug 2022

It’s award time & we’ve scored nine!

Read time: 3 minutes We’re thrilled to announce that Simply Amazing Training is a finalist in nine awards this year! This is great news, ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Jul 2022

Bournemouth Businesswoman up for three national awards

Read time: 2 minutes Dee Clayton, founder of Simply Amazing Training, is up for three prestigious national awards, including “UK Disruptive, Innovative Business Model” ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 14 Jun 2022

Simply Amazing Training on Gerry Murray’s “Leading People” Podcast

Read time: 1 minute Simply Amazing Training on Gerry Murray’s “Leading People” Podcast: This podcast offers practical tips on taming your public speaking “monkeys.” ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 24 Feb 2021

The #1 Worry Hosting on Zoom or Presenting on Teams? “What if the audience isn’t engaged?”

Read time: 4 minutes Open the floor wisely: Don’t overwhelm non-speakers by opening microphones too often. Focus on audience involvement: Include interactions, questions, and ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 11 Jan 2021

Virtual Presenting: maximising your effectiveness in blended and virtual environments

Read time: 7 minutes Maximising Your Effectiveness Avoid replicating face-to-face interactions in virtual settings. Adapt your techniques for online engagement. Enhance engagement and interaction ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 16 Jun 2020

How to stop saying ‘um’ and ‘erm’ when presenting?

Read time: 4 minutes How to Stop Saying ‘Um’ and ‘Erm’ When Presenting Do you struggle with saying “um” and “erm” during presentations? Here ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 18 Feb 2020

Presentation Skills: Tips for overcoming nerves

Read time: 5 minutes Presentation Skills: Tips for Overcoming Nerves Key Points: Stand Properly: Adopt the “Presenter Stance” to boost confidence and calmness. Use ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 13 Feb 2020

How to prepare a presentation? Step #1 think about the audience!

Read time: 4 minutes Understand who your audience is and what they want. Balance your needs with the needs of the audience. Adapt your ...

Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Feb 2020

How to improve your speaking voice & volume with the help of apps

Read time: 6 minutes Ask a buddy to sit at the back of the room and give you feedback on your volume. Use the ...

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