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In-House, Group & Team Presentation Skills Courses

Do you need your staff to be calm, confident and coherent presenters? We will equip them with everything they need to be just that. We can deliver our expert training at your offices or a venue of your choice, making it time well spent. Your staff will learn how to eliminate unwanted thoughts or behaviours around presenting, as well as how to become confident public speakers. We work on mindset, skillset and toolset and use a blend of resources before, during and after the training to ensure their learnings stick like glue.

Why Simply Amazing Training

✔️ It’s tailored to your teams so you can expect amazing results.

✔️ We use a mindset approach, so we’re not teaching acting – it’s about building genuine confidence.

✔️ Our marketing background enables us to help your team’s messages become even more effective as well as improving delivery.

✔️ The Presenter Personality Styles we use will not only help individuals understand themselves better but their audiences and everyone around them too.

✔️ Our “blended learning” approach with optional follow-up calls aids retention and underpins the creation of better behaviours and habits.

✔️ We like to help you create the best mindset not just learn the skill set.

✔️ Multi-award-winning business.

These training courses are for your teams if you want them to:

  • Stand up in the boardroom and be confident, clear and compelling.
  • Increase sales and become more influential and persuasive.
  • Worry less and focus more on the presentation and be authentic.
  • Present ideas or new processes effectively to the team or other departments.
  • Deliver engaging speeches that connect with the audience and stakeholders.
  • Maximise on opportunities when pitching for business.
  • Get over the nerves that prevent people from portraying a professional image.
  • Learn how to prepare effectively and efficiently.
  • Feel confident on an international stage, at exhibitions, or industry events.

Develop your A-team today

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