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Become more confident at public speaking

Do you get anxious when it comes to standing up and speaking in public in front of other people?

Do you wish you could speak with authority, clarity and confidence?

Taking the first steps to becoming a confident public speaker can be daunting. So in addition to running in-house team training courses, we specialise in one to one bespoke presentation skills training, after all not everyone wishes to share their learning experience within a team framework or with a group of peers. Some thrive within a tailor-made programme which focuses on their personal needs and pain points. Having that personal feedback can be invaluable when learning new skills and techniques which really work.

A lot of training providers you may come across will run cookie-cutter group courses aimed at filling a room, whereas Simply Amazing Training offers a very personalised, individual or team service designed to help you overcome some of the blocks you face with communicating in a public setting. Communication is a skill that is crucial in business and life, however, many people struggle when it comes to speaking to an audience. It’s not just the content of what you are saying, but also the tone and speed of your voice, what your body language portrays, and ultimately how much you manage to engage with the audience. People don’t always remember what you tell them but they will remember how you make them feel.

Remember, public speaking is far more about the audience than it is about you. Here are some good questions to start asking yourself when preparing for a presentation:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Where are they starting from?
  • What information do they want to know?
  • What questions might they have?
  • What are the key points I want the audience to take from the presentation?
  • How long have I got their attention for?
  • How do I involve my audience during the presentation?

We understand that every individual is unique, so you’ll receive everything you need for your personal development. You’ll learn how to eliminate those niggling unwanted thoughts and behaviours which can affect your presentation, helping you to become a confident public speaker.



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One-Day Public Speaking Courses

We offer a range of one to one public speaking courses from foundational level to more advanced levels and we also offer discounts for buying the courses in bundles to save you even more money!

Our team of award-winning trainers offer one-day public speaking courses in London, Hertfordshire, Bournemouth, Leicestershire, Kent, Essex and further across the UK so location isn’t an issue and you can either come to us or we can travel to you for your convenience, the choice is yours.

In our foundational course that we’ve called ‘present with confidence’, we cover the real basics of public communication and review where you are currently at. This includes an option to record you deliver a presentation and review it together, we then go on to look at gaining more confidence and changing the way you look at public speaking. We also cover things you may not even think of like breathing techniques, body language, and your voice while putting together the initial slides for your message that is authentic to you.

You’ll leave with follow up work and a copy of the book “High-Performance Presentationsto embed your learnings and help you prepare for your one-hour follow-up video call (where applicable) where you’ll deliver a final practice presentation. We will record you (optional), so you can see and hear all your improvements for yourself.



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Our public speaking courses may be for you if you…

✔️ Have a fear of public speaking or suffer from anxiety

✔️ Are planning for board-level, keynote or major sales presentations

✔️ You are in a leadership or management position and want to communicate more effectively

✔️ You’re looking to progress your career and make yourself more valuable to your business

✔️ Prefer to learn at your own speed, at times and dates to suit your diary

✔️ Want to gain more confidence when public speaking to an audience

✔️ Are looking at starting up your own business or becoming an entrepreneur

✔️ Wish to better understand your own challenges, behaviours and style in confidence with public speaking with your Coach

✔️ Are open to improving both your mindset and your skillset when public speaking

Using a blended learning approach with workbooks, face to face sessions, books and calls, your coach will help you discover your very best presentation style and fine-tune it so that you grow into a calm, confident and concise presenter.



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Public Speaking Course Outcomes

  • You will start to understand what you are doing wrong and how to fix it
  • A full one-day session with one of our trainers
  • You will start to have more confidence speaking in public and change the way you view public speaking
  • Depending on which programme you choose you will:
    • See how to structure and put together your presentations
    • Start to plan with purpose to help you deliver everything your audience will want and need
    • Practise techniques in breathing and body language to look and sound more professional
    • Storyboard your presentation and start to work on the content of the presentation
    • Gain feedback Analysis on your practice presentation

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