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What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a collection of techniques that enable you to use your brain in a more helpful way to help yourself and those around you. It is an ever more popular technique but it may not be easy for time-pressured professionals to keep up with because firstly, there are hundreds of different courses and trainers to choose to learn from, secondly the elements of NLP are constantly developing and thirdly NLP has plenty of not so helpful acronyms and terminology!

Who is it for?

This training and mentoring is perfect for executives who are curious about how NLP can improve their decision-making and communication skills in the business environment. The aim is to cut through the NLP clutter, answer your NLP questions and give you a solid grounding in some of the best and most effective techniques you can use in business.

Dee Clayton is a communication skills trainer and is passionate about using NLP to help develop herself and those around her. She is one of the highest-level NLP trainers who was able to establish a unique and engaging training approach that resonated with clients, resulting in success and recognition with her 34 awards.

In Dee’s previous role, she was Marketing Director for the Association for NLP, is a certified Trainer of NLP and a Trainer Member of ANLP International CIC. She has delivered NLP training across the UK and taught as far as Europe and Asia.

Why should you take this course

If you want to develop yourself, help those around you to achieve more and discover NLP, then this Applied NLP in Business Level Certificate is for you.

This 6-day programme either in-person or the virtual equivalent, focuses on Applied NLP – selected topics that we’ve found most useful, either when training executives over the last 10+ years or that we’ve applied most within our multi-award-winning business – helping hundreds of clients to achieve their goals.

This programme takes the best business tools of both NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner and combines them into one. Plus your learnings are immediately applied within your business context meaning you can take what you learn into your work and life immediately.

“With humour, a vast amount of experience, knowledge, regular exercises and often challenging conversations, Dee helps you to reflect, change and adopt better leadership habits. This is neuro linguistic programming and executive coaching at its finest. Over time, your performance will build a momentum, helping change you into the leader you aspire to become.”

Seftton Samuels
Managing Director
SMMT Data Intelligence

Example course outline:

  • How to improve all your communications – How to understand yourself and others, how the Communication Model works and how to adapt your approach to experience more success. We’ll also cover building rapport to reduce misunderstandings and work through objections and conflict. These tools can be applied to increase the effectiveness of emails, phone calls, presentations, coaching conversations, sales conversions, project meetings and more.
  • How to become the best version of yourself – how to understand what motivates you and makes you tick. The benefits to creating compelling goals and understanding how your brain’s programming language works and using it to your advantage. We’ll also cover internal conflict (those pesky monkey voices!) and how to change your behaviours and unwanted habits to create positive beliefs, aka “Helpful Monkeys” instead.
  • How to help others become more effective – Learn how to teach, coach and lead others more effectively. How to understand others and get to the root cause of resistance (because the real issue is rarely the one that’s being said out loud). Help others to understand their approaches (strategies) and improve them when they aren’t working. And how to learn a new language – the language of change, to help you engage, influence & inspire those around you.

You’ll be able to use this training in your day to day and future:

  • When communicating face to face or virtually
  • When managing difficult conversations
  • During coaching conversations to become a better coach or mentor
  • In negotiation techniques
  • When motivating ourselves and others
  • In influencing and persuading
  • Whilst presenting in person or via video
  • When delivering training
  • To build better relationships
  • To help those around you to achieve more
  • To decrease stress and increase happiness
  • When developing your people and in staff appraisals
  • To improve written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • To develop your leadership skills and be a strong role model
Applied NLP for Business Testimonials for Simply Amazing Training & Dee Clayton

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