Motivational Maps

More motivation leads to more success

  • Want to ensure you have the right people in the right roles?
  • Know your teams could achieve more?
  • Need to develop your leaders and talented individuals?
  • Knowing what different things motivate your different people helps address all those challenges and more. Now we have a tool that can do this for us instead of working one to one with individuals for hours to elicit their unique blend of motivators. The tool is Motivational Maps – it’s a little bit like having a crystal ball see clearly into what makes people tick.

Motivational Maps translate personal feelings into data. They can uncover:

  • An individual, team and/or organisation’s current level of motivation
  • Drivers of motivation and demotivation
  • What is likely to be causing conflicts in teams
  • Where there are strengths and weaknesses and how to work with those
  • Approached and tools to increase motivation

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There are 9 Motivators

Most individuals are primarily motivated by 3 motivators and have one lowest motivator. Their combination of motivators, together with the strength and satisfaction level of each motivator, creates a virtually unique profile for each person.

What motivates us changes over time with significant events in our lives. E.g. new job, role or manager, a child or dependent, buying a first home, retirement, illness or death of friends or family. Therefore, it’s difficult for both the individual and their manager to know what truly motivates someone, in rank order – and how satisfied they are, without using Motivational Maps.

The Motivational Map is an ISO accredited self-perception inventory, which takes just 12 minutes to complete on-line. There are no rights or wrongs with the Maps – it’s about understanding what drives each of us and influences our decisions and behaviour, and therefore, performance and happiness.

We love to use these as in bespoke projects and as part of our How To Motivate Your Teams More Effectively programme and we often use them to inform our Group Coaching and Executive Coaching programmes.

  • Making motivated managers

    Using motivational maps will help if you feel your teams are not fully engaged and you’ve been thinking about how to improve motivation (whether that’s the less motivated team members or just giving your high performers a boost). Perhaps even you personally aren’t feeling fully motivated (but you know you really ‘should be’) so learn more about motivation and what might be blocking you and those around you.


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