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Executive Coaching London

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“Simply Amazing Training recognised as Top 5 Emerging Executive Coaching Companies in UK 2023” Manage HR Europe magazine.

Simply Amazing Training (SAT) delivers Executive Coaching to a wide range of managers, directors, senior leaders, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs across London and the UK.

Our success is due to the provision of high performance coaching and leadership development that will give you the right tools to develop into a much more effective manager and take your leadership skills to the next level. We will support you as you create and work to clear goals that will help you improve not only your professional performance, but also your personal development and confidence.

Being a leader can be a lonely experience. It is your job to deliver outstanding results across multiple projects, thinking strategically, and you are the person everyone turns to for answers and support. At leadership level, there are few people you can turn to for trusted and objective advice and support, especially when it comes to personal insight and developmental growth.


Enhancing your business performance – Our coaching programme is tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes and is designed to help you reach your full potential. Your coach will identify and focus on specific issues that will help you to enhance performance when it comes to teamwork, employee retention, establishing credibility, leading teams, strategising and defining career direction, giving you practical tools to help you develop expertise as a leader. Common areas we can help with are improved communication and leadership, as well as more effective management thinking.


Overcoming your blockers – Executive coaching will assist with helping you overcome blockers such as communication, accountability, time management, motivation, self-confidence, problem staff members, and influence, resulting in greater business and personal success.


Individual career coaching – SAT‘s executive coaching London is tailored to focus on your specific issues and requirements. Depending on your needs, your coach could recommend focusing on the challenge of employee retention, teamwork, strategy, visibility and credibility, leading your team, efficiency gains and career direction, allowing you to improve your leadership skills and achieve your full business potential.


Seasoned business mentor – Our founder, Dee Clayton, is a multi-award-winning business mentor, coach and author based in Bournemouth. Over 15 years of experience have provided Dee with the skills and insights needed to support Executives to achieve fantastic results in their professional and personal lives.

  • Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing Training

    Your Executive Coaches

    Our founder, Dee Clayton, is a multi-award-winning business mentor, coach and author. She has nearly 20 years’ experience as an executive coach, supporting top level executives to achieve fantastic results in their professional and personal lives. She has applied skills and insights into Simply Amazing Training’s offering, training her coaches in the provision of SAT’s thought-provoking, challenging and fun approach which is designed – and proven – to bring out the best in you.

    SAT’s business coaches will identify your specific coaching needs and draw up a development plan to help you overcome challenges, learn new skills and practices that will assist you to grow as a team leader. Your SAT executive leadership coach will provide you with the support and encouragement you need to develop as a business leader, guiding you towards even greater professional and personal success.

  • Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing Training Executive Coaching

    Executive Leadership Coaching

    Many of our business clients have reported that the SAT executive leadership coaching process has helped them increase self awareness and improve their performance and professional relationships, enabling them to reach their targets and goals to become high achieving leaders.

    Dee and her team of executive coaches have been recognised with over 34 business awards, and the team’s coaches and mentors come highly recommended.

  • Online executive coaching

    Our executive coaching is a largely remote offering and will take place over video calls at your convenience. This gives you the flexibility to fit the sessions into your schedule and still take advantage of our award-winning coaching. Our sessions are available primarily through video calls. Online coaching gives you a huge amount of flexibility to fit your business coaching sessions around your schedule, especially if you travel a lot or work across time zones and sites. So, with virtual sessions, it doesn’t matter where you’re based, you will always be in touch with your coach.

    Simply Amazing Training’s most popular package is a series of 10 virtual executive coaching sessions that are typically spread across six months. As part of our coaching programme, we will signpost relevant resources, create exercises for practice purposes, share proven techniques and offer mini-accountability calls between sessions.

    More On Why Work With Us

Leadership coaching outcomes:

  • Greater business success
  • Consistent high performance 
  • Confidence 
  • Improved team building skills
  • Career development 
  • Better relationships with teams
  • Better relationships with clients
  • Improved life skills
  • Achieving your career goals

Definitely! Many of Simply Amazing Training’s clients have reported that the executive coaching has improved their performance, helped them set and reach their targets and goals, learn a huge amount about themselves, and increased their confidence and positivity.

If you are self-employed in the UK, you can claim allowable business expenses for training that helps you improve the skills and knowledge you use in your business.

This will depend on the route you choose to take, get in touch for more details. We believe that investing in our courses is money well spent. Thanks to our expertise and results, you won’t find better value for money. As a safeguard for you, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee on many of our programmes.

How we deliver your executive coaching is entirely up to you. The majority of our clients prefer online executive coaching because it is so flexible and convenient. However, if you’d prefer face-to-face coaching we will be very happy to arrange it. We want to do whatever works best for you. 

Executive Coaching Client Reviews

“This mentoring is definitely recommended!

After the executive coaching, I have a much better appreciation for others in the room and what they need, in particular, the introverts. I like the style of the session, fluid and to the point.”

Peter Hart
Austin Fraser & Austin Vita


“We initially used Dee to work with some individuals with our Company to improve their performance. This was so successful, we started using her to help with our Executive team development. She has worked with the Exec team individually to assess our personalities and development requirements and then facilitated us on becoming a cohesive management team. It has assisted us in understanding each other and how to work together. It is relatively early in the process, but the progress we have made would not have been achieved without her insights and expertise. We continue to use Dee and her Company for individual development of key people and for my management group. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to improve an individual or group of people.”

Jason Abbott
Chelton Ltd (formally Cobham Aerospace Connectivity)

Bringing out your best as a leader. Listen to this podcast with award-winning guest speaker Dee Clayton:

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Using Personality Styles and Preferences for Maximising Work Communications

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