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Presentations are part of everyday business, in fact, they are part of everyday life when you think about it. Communication skills are invaluable for all aspects of business and life, whether it is a formal meeting setting or face-to-face with your friends and colleagues, or maybe you are on the phone or sending an email; how you come across and how you communicate your message is very important and a large part of communication has nothing to do with what you are actually saying according to experts. This means that your body language, tone of voice, structure, and pace are all factors to think about.

Do you or your team have to give presentations, either to win new business, service existing clients or motivate your employees? And do you or your team sometimes feel nervous, unprepared or feel that no one will be interested in what you have to say?

Then working with the “multi-award-winning” team at Simply Amazing Training will help you:

  • Address your public speaking fears and nerves
  • Be clear and concise with your message
  • Look and feel more confident
  • Communicate with impact
  • Improve your stance and posture
  • Enjoy giving presentations

Great presentation skills aren’t just for PowerPoint presentations and board meetings. In business, you use them every day in meetings with your team, clients and suppliers.

Formal or informal, good communication skills are crucial and if you feel that yours could be improved and are keen to become a calm, confident and coherent communicator, it is time to fine-tune your skillset and your mindset too.

Present clearly, effectively and without fear

When you study with Simply Amazing Training on our presentation skills training courses we will give you everything you need for your personal development. You’ll learn how to eliminate unwanted thoughts and behaviors around presenting and communication, and as a result, become a confident public speaker.

The best presentation skills training my team has had. 

Justine Perry, Cariad Marketing – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our Presentation Skills Courses

  • A choice of one-to-one or team training courses
  • Our mindset approach will help you build genuine confidence and skills
  • Our team is led by experts who ensure you are trained in effective messaging as well as an effective delivery
  • The ‘Presenter Personality Styles‘ you’ll learn will help you understand yourself, your audience and those around you much better
  • Our ‘blended learning’ approach and follow-on calls will aid retention and underpin the long-term benefits of your training
  • Our multi-award-winning business was founded by renowned speaker, author, and trainer Dee Clayton
  • Money-saving bundles to combine courses together and save you £££’s with our money-back guarantee.
  • CPD Accredited Courses to help with your development

Presentation Skills Course Content

  • One day one-to-one intensive coaching sessions
  • Filming you giving a presentation (optional) and proving feedback
  • Body language and breathing techniques for confident speaking
  • How to structure the perfect presentation for you – the SAssy way
  • Storyboard your presentation and start to work on the content of the presentation
  • Work on the mental blocks that cause you to feel anxiety and fear & turn these around so you feel more confidence
  • Practice delivering your presentation with impact for real
  • A copy of Dee’s best-selling books High-Performance Presentations‘ and ‘Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys
  • Follow up video calls & support
  • Exclusive coaching sessions


Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. What is presentation skills training?

Presentation skills training is a broadly used term normally referring to courses or a class in which the participant(s) learn how to improve their public speaking skills and thus become better presenters.

Public speaking training or public speaking courses are similar, though when the term presentation skills is used it is more likely to refer to a business context where professionals often have to give formal presentations in front of colleagues or clients often using visual aids such as slides. In reality, a good presentation skills training provider can help participants to improve all their communications to others and skills can even be applied to conference calls, meetings, webinars, one to ones, report writing, emails and so on.

Q. How can I improve my presentation skills?

There are many ways to improve your presentation skills and learning from an expert is the fastest and most effective way, but not the only way. The best approach is to attend one to one coaching or a presentation skills training course where you can learn from an experienced presenter and public speaker on how to deal with nerves, how to display good posture, how to speak at the right pace and volume, structure your communication and much, much more.

If this isn’t within reach or you prefer to self-learn then there are plenty of free resources online to help you to improve, sometimes too many. That’s why I’ve provided a handy guide to help you identify the few priority areas for you in my latest book “High-Performance Presentations”. All you need to do is take the short quiz in the book and that will point you in the direction of the areas to prioritise based on your “Presenter Personality Style”. We also have a free quiz here for you to see where you currently are!

Whatever you learn, practice and feedback is a vital step to improving. Contrary to popular belief practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent! Make sure you are practicing correctly and getting feedback from someone who can present well.

Q. What are effective presentation skills?

Effective presentation skills are those that Engage, Persuade and Inspire the audience.
Whenever you speak to one or more people it could be said that you are on show – “presenting” yourself or your idea, presumably with the intention that your talk will have made some sort of difference (if not, why present?!).

To make a difference you need to do these three things, broadly in order:

Engage – you have to make the message relevant to the audience so that they begin to listen. You can force an audience to be in a room, but you cannot force them to listen and engage with your content. Considering your audience is critical to this – as I often say ‘The presentation isn’t about you, it’s about the audience!”.

Persuade – you need to have a logical flow or structure (we teach the SAS) and influential emotional stories so that you can move the audience from where they are now to where you want them to be. You need to have enough in there to overcome their objections at the right pace for them.

Inspire – Possibly the hardest part of any presentation or speech is inspiring the audience into action. In our busy world of today there are so many things competing for attention that you’ve got to communicate in a way that makes them feel inspired to actually take action, long after the presentation has ended. That action might be launching a new product, supporting a team or approving a project.

For more information read “High-Performance Presentations – Public speaking tips and presentation skills to engage. persuade and inspire”.

Q. How good presentations can benefit your company?

Good presentations help every department across a company, it helps your clients and your suppliers too. Good presentations increase sales, profits, efficiency, customer service, internal communications and so much more. The benefits are far-reaching. We teach presentation skills that impact across all your communications.

– It’s not just about your impressions in a presentation, its how you come across in day to day meetings.
– It’s not just how you sound on the stage, it’s about how you speak on the phone.
– It’s not just how you structure your talk its how you structure all your emails, meetings, and projects.

We like to think that Simply Amazing Presentation skills training reaches parts others trainings cannot reach!

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