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Executive Coaching Consultancy

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“Simply Amazing Training recognized as Top 5 Emerging Executive Coaching Companies in UK 2023” Manage HR Europe magazine.

Do you want to become more effective in your current role? Are you always looking for ways to improve your management skills? Executive coaching can be the key to unlocking your professional potential and help you achieve your goals. Whatever your role, there are always areas where you can make improvements.

A good executive coach helps you to bring out your best. This spans two main areas:


Enhancing performance – executive coaches can be there to work alongside you in a similar way that sports coaches support top athletes and professional sports people. The athletes are already high performers, but with their coach’s help, they can improve their performance even further. With Executive coaching, even a small improvement in an approach or tweak to a long-held mindset can make a massive impact on the end result.


Overcoming blockers – executive coaches can also guide you through some of the problems you’re likely to encounter as a leader. Whether you’re struggling with communication, confidence, influence or direction, executive coaching can help you improve your skills. And with our awarding-winning executive coaching, our consultants will help you work through your challenges to realise your full potential.

For most clients we work with we do a little bit of both – overcoming blockers and enhancing performance. But it’s tailored to your personal needs and down to you what you want to achieve working with us.

What is executive coaching?

  • Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing Training

    Executive coaching is the process of training senior managers, directors and leaders to refine aspects of professional performance. Executive coaching is tailored to your needs so if you have a particular issue you need to focus on, your coach will help you through it. Through a series of one-to-one sessions, external coaches focus on at least one topic (and often many more) that has been identified as a priority.

    Let’s face it, it can be lonely at the top, but you will always benefit from the support of someone who understands your situation and is able to offer you help, advice or act as a sounding board to help you see multiple ways forward. In other words, your executive coach is there to help you and your business thrive. They will act as a neutral party to help you identify areas for business and personal growth.

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Why Work With Us

  • Dee Clayton - Simply Amazing Training

    “Dee’s work goes beyond my expectations. She has helped me, as a CEO, to further improve our high-performing team. Her coaching skills in a one-to-one setting provides insights tailored to the situation. She is able to understand what is important to us. We continue to work with her for one-to-one executive coaching.” Audun Ror – President at Nordisk Aviation Products

    Just one of the many testimonials penned by a high-level CEO/President of a major international company…

    Dee Clayton is a multi-award winning coach, mentor, and author with a unique set of skills, tools and insights…all blended together with a single aim…to help high-performing individuals continue to improve while helping those they are responsible for to achieve more…invariably and inevitably leading to greater results all round.

Common areas where your executive coach can help

Enhancing performance

  • Improve employee retention – if you want to ensure you nurture your top talent(s) by providing guidance and support to identify areas of improvement, developing strategies to address issues, and creating an environment that encourages employees to stay

  • Coaching your team – Empowering your team members to do a better job is an essential part of building a successful business as well as succession planning. Perhaps you want to learn the skills and gain practice at being a better coach, or maybe you want help creating the motivation or time to develop your staff as much as you want to.

  • Teamwork – Is there more you can do to foster teamwork? We often work with leaders to help them develop a high-performing team.

  • Efficiency gains – You may want to improve efficiency. Perhaps you have a sense that there are better ways to do things. But success often leads to complacency with a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude. A good coach can help you improve your approaches and identify efficiency gains, even if it ‘ain’t broke’.

  • Strategy – when it’s difficult to take enough time out of the day-to-day running of your business, strategy and long-term planning can be pushed to one side. Or perhaps the task feels just too big to address with your current resources. We can help you with motivation, clarity or be a sounding board to get you going.

  • Career direction – Do you want to be sure of your next step, either inside or outside of your business? We use Motivational Maps to help you avoid the pitfalls and instead identify what drives your work motivation. This will give you the tools to be able to optimise your current and/or new role.

  • Visibility and Credibility – Very few people are naturally gifted communicators/presentors, yet every leader needs the ability to influence and give effective presentations to their team, clients, investors, or the media.

Overcoming blockers

  • Time management – The ability to structure your time and prioritise tasks and strike a good work/life balance is essential. We know that when you’re overworked, it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

  • Self-confidence – Even senior leaders suffer from imposter syndrome or have a little confidence wobble from time to time.

  • Communication & accountability – Are you and your team communicating in the most efficient way or are there frequent misunderstandings or missed deadlines? Do you want to get more efficient or slicker with your internal and external communications and commitments?

  • Influence and motivation – The ability to keep yourself and your team motivated and on track is essential. If you’ve lost your mojo and don’t know where to find it, we can help.

  • Problem employee or problem boss – Personality clashes, staff members who have a poor attitude, bad workmanship, disruptive or malicious behaviour are a common problem in the workplace.

  • Online executive coaching

    Our sessions are available primarily through video calls. Online coaching gives you a huge amount of flexibility to fit your coaching sessions around your schedule, especially if you travel a lot, work across time zones and sites. So, with virtual sessions, it doesn’t matter where you’re based, you will be able to take advantage of our award-winning coaching.

    Simply Amazing Training’s most popular package is a series of 10 virtual executive coaching sessions that are typically spread across six months. As part of our coaching programme, we will signpost relevant resources, create exercises for practice purposes, share proven techniques and offer mini-accountability calls between sessions.

Face-to-face executive coaching

We understand that some things are better when they’re done in a face-to-face meeting, and this includes executive coaching. If you’d prefer in-person coaching, we are more than happy to arrange face-to-face sessions at a convenient time and location. Please get in touch to see how we can help.

Ongoing coaching

Many of our clients ask for ongoing coaching once the initial programme has come to an end. They find it useful to book ongoing coaching sessions for regular monthly or bi-monthly sessions as it allows them to develop and optimise their skills. So, whether you want to focus on specific issues or challenges, help with business strategy, or to use someone who understands business and leadership as a sounding board, ongoing coaching will provide the support you need.

For prices and booking information, get in touch today.

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  • See how it's helped our clients!

    What are the benefits of Executive Coaching?

    The list of benefits that arise from our executive coaching is a long one. We have some lovely feedback from clients about how much our executive coaching has helped them. The key takeaways are:

    • Helps you identify strengths and weaknesses
    • Gives you greater confidence in professional and personal situations
    • Improves your leadership skills
    • Improves your communication skills and professional relationships
    • Gives you the ability to navigate awkward situations with more confidence
    • Improved work performance and ability to achieve goals
    • Helps you improve your business’s company culture
    • Improves your job satisfaction
    • Helps you reach your professional potential leading to a more successful and enriched career

Bringing out your best as a leader. Listen to this podcast with award-winning guest speaker Dee Clayton:

Feedback from our happy Executive Coaching clients

“This mentoring is definitely recommended!

After the executive coaching, I have a much better appreciation for others in the room and what they need, in particular, the introverts. I like the style of the session, fluid and to the point.”

Peter Hart
Austin Fraser & Austin Vita


“I enjoyed learning about different personality types and how to communicate effectively for positive results. I now prioritize time management and planning to work efficiently. My approach to interacting with colleagues has evolved, focusing on building strong connections. I also consider my audience before engaging and strive for greater empathy. I’m now more conscious of my leadership role within the team.”

Peter Rennard


“Thanks for all your support Skyler – a real inspiration. Helped provide great tips and structure to a host of both my business and personal life. Always interesting and educational to speak to. Developed me to levels I didn’t think possible. Improved both my physical well-being as well as my working practices. Lessons learnt on structuring presentations, negotiating, managing people and time management have been really invaluable to my work, but also carried over into personal life, so making me a happier and more rounded person – which in turn helps the work-life balance and so am more productive and I hope a better person. Thanks again and look forward to keeping in touch.”

Matt Croucher,
Senior Economics Manager


“We initially used Dee to work with some individuals with our Company to improve their performance. This was so successful, we started using her to help with our Executive team development. She has worked with the Exec team individually to assess our personalities and development requirements and then facilitated us on becoming a cohesive management team. It has assisted us in understanding each other and how to work together. It is relatively early in the process, but the progress we have made would not have been achieved without her insights and expertise. We continue to use Dee and her Company for individual development of key people and for my management group. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to improve an individual or group of people.”

Jason Abbott
Chelton Ltd (formally Cobham Aerospace Connectivity)


“Dee’s work goes beyond my expectations. She has helped me, as a CEO, to further improve our high performing team. Her coaching skills in a one-to-one setting provides insights tailored to the situation. She is able understand what is important to us. We continue to work with her for one-to-one executive coaching.”

Audun Rør
Nordisk Aviation Product


“With humour, a vast amount of experience, knowledge, regular exercises and often challenging conversations, Dee helps you to reflect, change and adopt better leadership habits. This is high level Executive Coaching at its finest – over time, your performance will build a momentum to change you into the leader you aspire to become.”

Seftton Samuels
Managing Director
SMMT Data Intelligence


“The coaching is directed towards making a positive difference for the individual not necessarily just focused on the business. Thank you for your patience, time and coaching Dee – very much appreciated.”

James Burke
Vice President of Operations


“I can highly recommend Dee for coaching or training. I have participated in both her presentation and management skills training plus benefited from her one to one coaching.
The tools and skills that she has introduced me to, have made a notable difference to both my working day and my home life. Dee’s no-nonsense approach allows you to get to the heart of the matter quickly, enabling you to apply her methods and teachings to achieve the results you desire in an expedient manner. Thanks again Dee!”

Victoria Hayward
Experienced Business Leader in aerospace and automation


“The Executive Coaching program with Dee was very insightful. I found it very useful to spend the time looking at my own approaches and behaviors and see where and how I could improve upon those personally and within the team. The regular virtual sessions gave reflection and practice time and I feel that as a result of the program I am better in many areas. For instance how to empower people by asking open questions without any directive hint during communication, and the program is not only benefit for management of work but also found extremely helpful in life, such as a better improved way to speak to my teenage boy. It’s my pleasure to have this program with Dee in the years past.”

Yuxi Ma
General Management
Nordisk Aviation Products


“A big thank you from me for your help. 10/10; My performance at work has definitely been enhanced as a result of my coaching. I can apply it throughout my role and personal life, by using the tools in both projects as well as day-to-day activities. I reached my desired outcome.

Strongly agree: The coaching helped me to:

  • Improve my performance
  • Raise my confidence in my role
  • Prioritise my development needs
  • Maximise any learning opportunities
  • Monitor and/or evaluate the achievement of my objectives
  • Increase opportunity to hit my objectives
  • Set myself new goals
  • Create a Personal Development agenda
  • Feel more positive about my development”

A Seabrook-Martina
Senior Regional Engagement Manager –
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited


10/10 Thank you!
“I believe that the coaching I have received has had a direct beneficial impact upon the business/work in my area. I now better understand my own defaults, behaviours and drivers so can better assess and adjust accordingly. I’m much more self-aware. I’m also much clearer in terms of my own priorities and needs. Most of the things we worked on relate to changing mindsets, beliefs and behaviours that have been long entrenched so while progress has been made there’s still plenty more to work on and improve. What I liked most was the journey and process of development from unpacking to exploring different avenues to developing a stronger sense of ownership in this space. The time as well – having time dedicated to this was really critical to this.”

Luke Hampton
Senior Supply Chain Manager
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited


“The executive coaching was tailored to my needs and what I wanted to cover. I never felt like there was a pre-set programme we needed to stick to, which allowed me to explore areas that were more valuable for me (i.e. diary management, delegation)It was a very good programme, I feel that I’ve learnt a lot about myself and have now a way to constantly develop and improve. Thank you very much!”

Luca Pelazzo
Business Unit Manager


Definitely! Many of Simply Amazing Training’s clients have reported that the executive coaching has improved their performance, helped them set and reach their targets and goals, learn a huge amount about themselves, and increased their confidence and positivity.

If you are self-employed in the UK, you can claim allowable business expenses for training that helps you improve the skills and knowledge you use in your business.

This will depend on the route you choose to take, get in touch for more details. We believe that investing in our courses is money well spent. Thanks to our expertise and results, you won’t find better value for money. As a safeguard for you, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee on many of our programmes.

How we deliver your executive coaching is entirely up to you. The majority of our clients prefer online executive coaching because it is so flexible and convenient. However, if you’d prefer face-to-face coaching we will be very happy to arrange it. We want to do whatever works best for you. 

As soon as you have booked executive coaching we will let you know what you need to do to prepare for your first session. In order to get the best out of your coaching, you will need to be motivated, open minded and committed, and willing to do the work required between sessions.

Our executive coaching is a mix of one-to-one coaching online and exercises you will be asked to complete between sessions.

The benefits of executive coaching are huge. It can help you identify patterns that lead to success, allowing you to grow yourself, your team and your business.

Call us on 0330 223 4392 or email us at info@simplyamazingtraining.co.uk and we’ll take it from there. Our first priority is always to understand your needs before offering a solution.

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