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We love hearing how happy our clients are – when they are working with us and years later too. We know it is important for you to know you have chosen the right people to work with so please take a look around – we have some case studies to share a few success stories, some videos meaning you can hear from clients directly and some written testimonials – something for everyone.

If you have joined the long list of delighted clients please send us your video and tell us where you were before we worked together, and how you are doing things differently now. Your success drives us.


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Help to become a confident presenter. "My Public Speaking Monkey has been tamed!"
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“I’ve been working with Skyler for a couple of months and I can highly recommend him as a communication expert and a coach. Skyler can easily build a mutual trust which is essential for a successful coaching relationship. He’s very professional and at the same time very empathetic and is able to challenge you in order to get the best out of you. It was a true pleasure to work with him.”

Simona Lafkova – HR Lead

“Skyler is absolutely amazing, he taught me so much, not only about myself but also on the skills of presenting. He is professional, approachable and has so much patience. If you think you need some help then you really should contact him, he changed my life.”

Gina Court – Hygiene Manager – Essity

“I worked with Skyler on effective presentations that he facilitated for me and my colleagues at Zebra Technologies. I learned a great deal from Skyler and the training was well structured and has strengthened my skill set. Highly recommend Skyler and he is a professional in his craft.”

Matthew Rance – Senior Portfolio Manager at Zebra Technologies

“With humour, a vast amount of experience, knowledge, regular exercises and often challenging conversations, Dee helps you to reflect, change and adopt better leadership habits. This is neuro linguistic programming and executive coaching at its finest. Over time, your performance will build a momentum, helping change you into the leader you aspire to become.”

Yuxi Ma – General Management – Nordisk Aviation Products

“10 out of 10! Will was a really lovely coach. He put me at ease, was encouraging, engaging, kind and easy to work with. I had plenty of chance to practice presenting and get instant and honest feedback.

Now, I am more relaxed and focussed on the key messages I want to communicate. I am also conscious of the negative internal voices and how to stop them”.

Colette McHugh – The Keegans Group

“Working with Will has made a huge difference to my confidence and mindset going forward.  It hasn’t just made a huge difference when it comes to presentations but overall in my day-to-day working life.

It was a real pleasure to work with Will and it was so much more than a presentation skills course, but really getting into the psyche of what is going on underneath.

Our calls were always a really good laugh as well. I think we covered all topics whilst at the same time giving me the confidence to smash all future presentations!”

Lynn Jones – Access Group


I just want to thank both Will and Dee for supporting me on my journey to improve my confidence in public speaking. Greater insight into the different types of audiences and the SAS structure has opened my eyes to new opportunities and changed my mind-set

Bespoke 1 to 1 sessions meant that the focus was on the areas that I personally needed to develop. Honest feedback helped me to look at things in different ways and practicing delivery of presentations has really helped to identify what works for me.

The Taming the Monkey sessions were quite thought provoking however carefully managed by Will which is really important as whilst I did not have any real issues, these sessions could potentially be uncovering some deep emotions.

A weekly session was helpful as this allowed me to reflect, practice what I had learnt and prepare for the next session.

I also physically liked having the workbooks/reading material/videos available as they were easy to follow and I could work through to focus the mind and check my understanding.

I will now prepare for presentations/meetings/written communications using the SAS structure and have more confidence in applying for promotion. If I am asked to present I will not feel as daunted now that I have learnt grounding techniques.

I am really pleased that I decided to take the plunge and invest the time in my personal development as it has made me realise that there is so much more that I can do to promote myself, my teams and the organisation that I work for.

Thank you

Caroline Hammond

Attending the full 12 session (virtual) training programme has been a “journey” of self-discovery! I had an outline of what I wanted to achieve by the end of the course but never thought I would learn so much along the way. One major factor that has given me so much more confidence now is the openness in talking to Will which I didn’t feel was possible with family, friends, or work colleagues. Whether you are nervous at presenting, dreading the day of standing in front of a Team of people, or giving that Best Man speech, these courses will help you overcome those fears and make you look forward to those events ahead. I am giving a Best Man’s speech next July and I cannot wait!!

Thank you Will, and I very much look forward to staying connected.

Stephen Willson – Group Business Development Director

I started working with Skyler as when it came to presenting it’s something I would personally avoid doing at all costs, over the months working with him I developed skills on how to present and was able to also change the way I think when it comes to presenting, I went from refusing presentations to asking to be able to present, I can’t thank Skyler enough for the experience he has shared with me, it has changed my life!

Avren Paul – Consultant – Intune

I recently completed the simply amazing presentations course with Skyler, the course has transformed the way I approach and deliver presentations, far more than any course I have done before! But perhaps more importantly the course, and Skyler’s coaching has developed my self-esteem and confidence to a new level, it has changed the way I look at things & ultimately the way I approach life both inside and outside of work, life changing! Skyler’s coaching skills are amazing, the first course I didn’t want to come to an end.. thank you!

Charlotte Webb – Customer Service Manager – Essity

It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You have radically changed my approach to presentations (sales and otherwise) and provided new insights into the use of video. The time spent with you was also fun! It is now up to me to use the new skills…..

Ian Barratt – Principle Consultant – Strategio

“I understand how to consider the audience, how to start, gain interest, structure the content and how to encourage the audience to take action. I feel more confident in presenting and know how to continue to improve. What I liked most about the training was the relaxed environment, great encouragement, and praise. Well delivered, approachable trainer very encouraging and very beneficial thank you.”

Julie Moir

“I feel I will have a more engaged audience, I’ll have more clarity, and feel more confident. I will use this everyday 10/10.”

Claire Jones

It was a completely different way of approaching the topic. I will have a more engaged audience – no more death by PowerPoint. I will go back and re-write my presentations. Thank you for the informative day.


“I will be more confident; this will come with being better prepared. What I liked most about the training was that it gave me a plan to work with – took me out of my comfort zone. Highly recommend this to other departments”

Andrew Pope

“Concise and relevant – easy to use once mastered. Will use the format [SAS] to evaluate current presentations to edit and improve them. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging 10 out of 10.”

Jackie Murray

“I’ll have more impact with my presentations and reduce reliance on PowerPoint. I will go back and redesign my presentation around this model.”

Phil Jarvis

“I saw Dee speak at an event where she explained about the “Public Speaking Monkeys”. She also talked about the importance of sharing our business message in a personal and unique way. Her message was very relevant to me and her approach seemed light hearted yet effective…. I highly recommend Dee and her approach to taming those pesky monkeys!”

Leonora Stokes – Managing Director – Roar Accounting Ltd

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