Insights Discovery Management Training

Insights Discovery Management Training

Why Insights Discovery?

  • Do you want your teams to work better together? Less ‘silo’ more collaborative?
  • Do you want to develop a High Performing Team? Where everyone is adding value and able to bring their best and people are accountable?
  • Are you a senior team looking to set the bar? Do you want to live your values and behaviours in the Executive Team and through the organisation?

Insights Discovery is one of the ‘Simply Amazing’ tools we use. It provides a framework to help everyone in your organisation share a common language and communicate more effectively. It promotes understanding and appreciation of different styles and approaches – encouraging us all to see one another’s true value and potential. It is the ultimate model to help facilitate behavioural change in teams and organisations because it is so simple, yet so powerful. And of course, if you want more depth it is there too.

Watch the Insights Discovery Introduction Video

What is Insight Discovery personality profiling?

Insights Discovery profiling uses a simple and easy to remember four colour energy model helping people to understand themselves and others better.

By discovering whether we have a preference for bluegreenred or yellow energy helps us to understand why we behave the way we do and our strengths and weaknesses. By then understanding other people in the team and their colour preference we can communicate more effectively and strengthen team relationships and as a result performance.

What is your colour energy preference?

Do any of these descriptions jump out at you?

Those with an Earth Green preference are accommodating, reflective and reliable.
Those with a Fiery Red preference are assertive, determined and realistic.
Those with a Cool Blue preference are logical, concise and structured.
Those with a Sunshine Yellow preference are enthusiastic, impulsive and active.

You won’t be just one colour energy you’ll be a blend – so what are your first, second and third colour energy preferences from those descriptions? Insights Discovery uses a scientifically based 50 question questionnaires to identify the different levels of each colour energy for you personally. And we produce a detailed, personalised (and we’ve been told ‘spookily accurate’) report for each participant.

Watch this 1-minute video to see how different people see different colour energies

What do your Insights Discovery Training programmes look like?

We love to tailor our solutions to your unique needs so get in touch with us today.

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To give you a flavour of how we work here’s what we might cover on a 1 or 2-day Insights Discovery training course. Participants can:

  • Complete some ‘bite-sized’ pre- work to get them ready for the live training e.g. taking the profile, watch introductory videos etc.
  • Gain an understanding of their ‘colour energy’ at the training and understand and appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses
  • See and experience live and begin to understand and decode behaviours of their team members leading to a greater understanding of differences
  • Complete activities that promote appreciation of one another’s strengths and weaknesses and build team trust and rapport
  • Learn, practise and gain feedback on how to adapt their behaviours to get the best from themselves individually and those around them
  • The team can visually see on a ‘Team Wheel’ where they fit in and can see team risks and opportunities and develop group action plans to move forward

Here’s what some participants had to say…

It was interactive and the pace worked well for me so I was engaged the whole day. I have taken a lot away to reflect on and use in future. A very enjoyable and informative day – Thank you!

Andrea Mackenzie

Definitely recommended!
What I liked about the programme is honest delivery, good rapport, great pace, and clear material. The trainees were also allowed to learn from mistakes.

Tony Rickard

The programme was inclusive and relevant. I’ve been on an Insights training course circa 8 years ago, however this course was delivered in a more positive and enthusiastically engaging manner. I wasn’t made to feel that there were deficiencies in my character as a result of my colour wheel and as a result feel more comfortable with bringing the best out of myself.

Head of Contracts & Commercial

It was interesting to learn more about the colours and put the learnings into practise with our discussions and the tasks throughout the day. It was a great training day and I have the right tools and information to use what I have learnt in my everyday life at work. Thank you.

HR Advisor

My favourite part of the day was learning about my insights profile. I also really liked how Dee encouraged each person to contribute but also made sure that they were comfortable in doing so. Each person shared thoughts and theories that they had come across before which was really interesting.

Becky Jenkins

It was engaging and took real life people and scenarios to demonstrate behaviours. It was an eye opener and felt like a ‘safe space’ where you could truly be yourself to get the most out of it.

Sales Manager

“The training is definitely recommended! What I like most about the programme is having a subject matter expert guiding us through the process.

I’m really grateful for the training Dee provides, her insight into personality and management styles is second to none. She understands people as a whole and guides them towards the goal of being all round good leaders.”

Peter Rennard


I felt very comfortable sharing confidential information which gave me a much greater insight into using tools in my day-to-day work. Without this, the training may have barely scratched the surface.

I found the practical examples using roleplay particularly helpful. Seeing the different angles and how you might be perceived by others as a strong colour energy was eye-opening.

Dee was great at adapting to our group as needed. Seeing the way she could dial up different energies as needed and call us out was incredibly helpful!”

James Carey
Infrastructure Engineer
Darchem Engineering Ltd

“Definitely recommended!
The structure of the programme was great and kept me/us constantly engaged.”

Daniel Mitton
Project Manager
Darchem Engineering Ltd

Got questions?

Insights Discovery Frequently asked questions:

Q: What else can Insights Discovery can help with?

  • Personal & professional development (through understanding your unique personality)
  • Improved team dynamics, increased levels of cooperation
  • More effective communications
  • Stronger presentations and meetings
  • Optimised team performance
  • Building a greater understanding of your colleagues and clients
  • Improved personal and professional relationships


Q: Can you be an Insights motivational speaker at our company conference?

Yes, we also give ‘colourful’ keynote conference talks on Insights Discovery, designed to be interactive and leave delegates feeling inspired.

Q: Do you only use Insights Discovery?

Yes and no. Insights Discovery is our preferred personality profiling tool and we love using it where appropriate. And we design our programmes around achieving a result not necessarily teaching people a tool so we often combine our other skills like coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Once we’ve taught Insights discovery as a common language, we can use that thread throughout all other teachings on other topics too.


Q: What management training topics do you cover using Insights Discovery?

We might begin by working on communication skills and in which case the model will feature highly. We can then address any other management training topic you need with a varying degree of Insights Discovery involvement for example

  • Time Management
  • Presentations Skills
  • Managing Productive Meetings
  • Rolling out Company or Team Values
  • Coaching Skills
  • The Art of Listening
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivating Teams

Q: How do you help learning to ‘stick’ after the training?

With many classroom trainings the question is how do you make the discoveries and commitments last long after the training day too? Because we take a holistic approach, we don’t like our courses to be just a one-hit wonder. We provide pre-work for participants to begin to engage with the programme in advance and we provide follow up training from one to one coaching to online personality styles training. Both of which embeds existing knowledge and newly applies it to everyday work situations.

Q: What is your virtual learning personality style course?

We have developed an e-learning personality styles course which embeds the learning about the different styles and applies it with step by step advice applied in real-life workplace situations like

  • Improving meetings with colleagues
  • Increasing customer satisfaction on the phone
  • making emails more effective

The training consists of 60 minutes of tutorials broken down into bite-sized classes with downloadable cheat sheets too!

Q: What if some of our team have used other profiling tools?

We are keen to build on any previous learning and are happy helping participants join the dots between things they have learnt in the past and things they learn with us.

The online personality training can be used for those who are Insights Discovered trained with us and it’s available to, and applicable for those in the organisation who have no Insights Discovery experience and/or who have completed other personality profile brands like Myers-Briggs or Disc.


Q: We’ve done some Insights Discovery Training ages ago, how can we keep our learnings alive and train up new staff or those without much time (like board members)?

We can help. We often run short and sweet ‘top-up’ trainings, tailor webinars for the team, and we have our e-learning platform video series so we can tailor a solution just for you.

Q: What further reading on personality styles is there?

You might be interested in the following links from our website

How do my Insights Discovery colour preferences impact on…

And find out who are the best presenters – those with an introverted preference or those who are more extraverted?

Listen to our podcast:

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