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Public speaking & presentation skills training courses for professionals, managers, directors

Hello, I am Dee Clayton, multi-award winning presentation skills trainer and I specialise in helping professionals, managers and directors improve their presentation skills and business communications across all situations and skill levels.


I am passionate about helping people to feel calm and confident when they speak, and then working with them to improve their presentation skills, confidence and communications with our professional management training courses so they can deliver their message in a compelling and convincing manner. I also work with individuals and groups to improve internal and external business communications resulting in more effective managers and happier customers.

  • "Participants won’t be learning how to act calm & confident – they really will be."
presentation skills course

Courses on Presentation Skills

The most popular course helps participants learn how to get over nerves that prevent them from speaking from the heart and portraying a professional image. They learn how to prepare a talk (within short deadlines) and what body language and voice tonality is most appropriate. We are proud to say our in-house Level 1: Presentation Skills Training has been accredited for CPD points (Continued Professional Development). Advanced presentation skills training and one to one public speaking coaching options are available.


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Management training

Management Training Courses

Our management training courses help improve communications between individuals, teams and departments be they internal or external, customers or clients. Here participants can learn how to manage teams more effectively, develop their management communication skills and have an impactful presence in meetings.


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Public Speaking Courses

Our one to one public speaking coaching course is great for those who prefer learning on a one to one basis – covering everything you need from overcoming public speaking fear to advanced presentation techniques for sales presentations and keynote speeches. So if you are ambitious to progress to the next level, but you know your presentation skills are stopping you from achieving more or if you are a nervous speaker please contact me so I can help you improve your public speaking now!


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What makes my training different?

Most training courses focus largely on skill sets, they teach “things”. But unless all the participants’ mind-sets are open they won’t implement what they know. That’s why I focus on mind-set first and only then teach the skills. The result is that more participants action more of the training, meaning you get the maximum value from your investment.

Our training teaches you to be confident, clear and compelling, enabling you to give better pitches, present new ideas and radiate executive presence. Our presentation and management courses are perfect for managers, senior managers, executives, teams and those across all industries and sectors, from Banking to Building and Marketing to Manufacturing.

  • "Dee felt like a part of our team from the first meeting by demonstrating an understanding of and empathy with our company culture and the business case for this training program."

    Kerry O’Neill, Training Manager, Toyota Motors Europe

Inspiring Clients With Effective training

With our effective training courses we are proud to say we’ve won 7 business awards for our unique, innovative and effective approach to training; including being voted as “Business Person Of The Year – East Of England“ for two years running.

Here’s what some of our recent clients had to say…

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