Skyler Shah

Behaviour and Communications Expert

Skyler is a true communications expert who has dedicated the past 10+ years to understanding the psychology of human behaviour; specialising in effective communication, success coaching and its application in the field of public speaking and personal development.

He takes a detailed approach to public speaking and presentation skills training and applies his deep knowledge of the subject in an easy-to-understand way to make trainings as impactful, enjoyable and permanent as possible.

Skyler’s comprehensive approach to public speaking and presenting was borne out of natural intuition and was developed in tandem with an understanding that high-performance presentations result from an effective and confident mental state, appropriate preparation and the ability to connect with audiences.

• At the age of just 16 Skyler had already enjoyed opportunities to MC and host ceremonies. By the age of 18 he had founded and hosted two radio shows and worked as a presenter for Red Bull.
• By the age of 23, Skyler had already been invited to speak at Google, Linkedin and even delivered his first TEDx talk.
• Now, a published author on behavioural psychology, he is using his skills to refine and develop business and personal success with clients from across the globe.

Wide Industry Experience

Skyler’s work over the past 10 years has seen him immersed in the corporate world, with clients from all industries and roles (including finance, sales, C-level managers, engineers etc.) benefiting from his unique approach to communication mastery and public speaking.

His training in Multi-Media and Broadcast Journalism provided him with a solid knowledge-base and experience in advanced communication. And as a result of further training and development of his own, he achieved qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Performance Coaching. Because of this unique mix he understands the real pressures his clients face and how to help his clients overcome their blockers.

He is a natural communicator and has applied his training in both 1-2-1 environments and in group work, both online and face to face, leading teams through various challenges resulting in an unbeatable success rate to date.

It is important that enjoyment and positive growth is at the very core of all of his work, and this Modus operandi has followed him throughout his multiple business and investment ventures.

In addition to his role in Simply Amazing Training, he is a Foreign Currency Trader, the founder of Kind – the international leadership and development organization and the founder of Yatay – the sustainable yoga equipment company.

International Appeal

With his strong ability to build effective and positive connections with ease, in the UK and worldwide, Skyler helps his clients to create long-lasting positive results. His communications and training mastery has translated well across language and cultural changes, and he has successfully worked with clients from; the UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, USA, Singapore, Colombia and more…

One of the most unique things about Skyler is that he approaches work as he does his hobbies, with passion, enthusiasm and a seemingly relentless desire to create positive outcomes, “I love doing what I do. I get to create an experience for people, in teams and individually, that literally changes their lives. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

Feedback from previous delegates

“I recently completed the simply amazing presentations course with Skyler, the course has transformed the way I approach and deliver presentations, far more than any course I have done before! But perhaps more importantly the course, and Skyler’s coaching has developed my self-esteem and confidence to a new level, it has changed the way I look at things & ultimately the way I approach life both inside and outside of work, life changing! Skyler’s coaching skills are amazing, the first course I didn’t want to come to an end.. thank you!”

Charlotte Webb – Customer Service Manager – Essity

“I started working with Skyler as when it came to presenting it’s something I would personally avoid doing at all costs, over the months working with him I developed skills on how to present and was able to also change the way I think when it comes to presenting, I went from refusing presentations to asking to be able to present, I can’t thank Skyler enough for the experience he has shared with me, it has changed my life!”

Avren Paul – Consultant – Intune

“Living our busy day to day lives, often filled with distractions and sometimes anxieties, I wanted to gain new perspectives on how to be more impactful in my own work and life. Having been coached before, I was expecting insightful, illuminating conversations, but in being coached by Skyler I actually got so much more. Very quickly Skyler helped me to see things which were limiting me and worked with me to challenge those things and to make them different. Skyler’s belief is that to achieve a real level of change, you have to ‘do’ (rather than just thinking and discussing) and it’s in the doing where Skyler’s coaching is different, and also why it works. Skyler sets you challenges outside of your current comfort zone, he passionately supports you in doing them, (as well as holding you to account if you don’t….) and then he works with you until you have taken the richest learnings. What does all of this result in? Well, that’s the wonderful bit, you, your experience and your results are tangibly different; they are better, and I, for one, was very very happy with that! Thanks Skyler.”

Jane Newman – Learning & Development Specialist

“He is not an ordinary coach, it’s difficult to put into words how he uses his combination of entrepreneurial thinking, insightfulness, calmness, high emotional and intellectual intelligence and ability to drive commitment in others to such great effect. Whether you want to do something extraordinary, or simply have the desire to move your life forward, I urge you to contact Skyler.”

Melanie Blyth – Organisational Development Consultant (Shell)

And finally…

Outside of his coaching and training work, Skyler enjoys attending live music performances, foreign travel (escaping from Hurricane Irma) and learning new skills.

Arguably, his favourite hobby is cooking, which he shares with his family and friends as often as he can.

Skyler Shah TEDx Talk
Testimonial From Susanna

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