Caroline Hammond


I just want to thank both Will and Dee for supporting me on my journey to improve my confidence in public speaking. Greater insight into the different types of audiences and the SAS structure has opened my eyes to new opportunities and changed my mind-set

Bespoke 1 to 1 sessions meant that the focus was on the areas that I personally needed to develop. Honest feedback helped me to look at things in different ways and practicing delivery of presentations has really helped to identify what works for me.

The Taming the Monkey sessions were quite thought provoking however carefully managed by Will which is really important as whilst I did not have any real issues, these sessions could potentially be uncovering some deep emotions.

A weekly session was helpful as this allowed me to reflect, practice what I had learnt and prepare for the next session.

I also physically liked having the workbooks/reading material/videos available as they were easy to follow and I could work through to focus the mind and check my understanding.

I will now prepare for presentations/meetings/written communications using the SAS structure and have more confidence in applying for promotion. If I am asked to present I will not feel as daunted now that I have learnt grounding techniques.

I am really pleased that I decided to take the plunge and invest the time in my personal development as it has made me realise that there is so much more that I can do to promote myself, my teams and the organisation that I work for.

Thank you

Posted by Dee Clayton on 10 Nov 2021

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