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How to sleep the night before a presentation. You need your zzzzzz’s! 

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Many of us have been there. We know that we need plenty of sleep ahead of our presentation, so we go to bed early the night before. And that’s when anxiety insomnia strikes; we can’t sleep before the big event. The more we lie awake, the more we worry. And the more we worry, the more we lie awake. By the time our alarm goes off in the morning, we’re not exactly feeling fresh as a daisy.

As well as making you feel physically grotty, sleep deprivation is terrible for brain function. It affects everything from attention-span and decision-making to creativity and cognition. So if you can’t sleep the night before your presentation, it’s bound to negatively impact your performance.

So what can we do about this anxiety insomnia, one of the most prevalent speech anxiety symptoms? We can tackle it head-on, that’s what! Your stress and anxiety is caused by ‘Public Speaking Monkeys’ – the voices of self-doubt that say negative and discouraging things enhancing your public speaking fear. (“Your hands are shaking like a leaf”, “You look terrible”, “Your voice sounds shaky”…that kind of thing). We work with professional clients to address and tame Public Speaking Monkeys, getting to the deep root of your issues.

Our multi-award winning method provides excellent and lasting results. In fact, we are so sure it works we offer a quibble-free money back guarantee. Once you have tamed your monkeys, you will feel calm and confident. This means that you’ll give yourself the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep before a presentation. Imagine the feeling of going to bed with no worries about your presentation – in fact, you’ll probably be looking forward to it!

Read more about our multi-award winning one-to-one presentation skills training programmes, or buy our book Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys: Building confidence for public speaking and presentations.

If you have any questions, or are ready to get started beating anxiety insomnia, please get in touch today. You and your sleep won’t regret it.


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