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Simply Amazing Training – Semi-finalist in the Natwest Venus Business Awards

I (Dee Clayton) am very excited to share with you that I am a semi-finalist in the Natwest Venus Business Awards Dorset in the category “Inspire Accountants Entrepreneur of the Year.”

The Venus Awards recognise businesses and women across the UK, encouraging them to reach their full potential.  The Entrepreneur category in particular is to reward a woman who dares to take risks in business and have them pay off!   I am thrilled to have been recognised for my achievements in building a unique, innovative and effective presentation skills training business across 2 geographical areas that ultimately helps others to tackle their fears and thus frees them up to achieve their goals and dreams.

At Simply Amazing Training, I work with people who aren’t confident and need to get over their nerves and those who are already confident but need to take their presentations skills to the next level – they may have a client sales pitch coming up, a big conference or a seminar where they want to create a great impression. They may have recently had a promotion (or want one) but know their presentation skills need to match their new role.

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