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Public Speaking Expert on BBC 3 Counties Radio …

Dee Clayton was very excited to be recently interviewed on BBC 3 Counties Radio to discuss her book ‘Taming your Public Speaking Monkeys – Building Confidence for Public Speaking and Presentations’, and our recent award winnings with the Federation of Small Businesses.
It was an excellent opportunity to explain how people can tackle their public speaking fear and tame their monkeys. We’ve listed below the three golden rules below for you to start the journey to becoming a confident speaker and presenter:

  1. Catch your Monkeys
    Identify what it is your scared of exactly – they won’t go away if you choose to ignore them.
  2. Connecting with your Monkeys
    Understanding where they originate from.
  3. Challenge your Monkeys
    This means you can decrease their power and hold over you, and you no longer need to be fearful.

If you missed it and would like to know more, have a listen to Dee Clayton by scrolling to the bottom of this link.

We just love to talk about Communications Training, Public Speaking Monkeys and how to improve your communication techniques – how can we help you? Contact us for a confidential free chat.

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