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Presentation Strengths & Weaknesses Identifier

Our Presentation Strengths & Weaknesses Identifier package is suitable for business professionals at all levels looking to “cut to the chase” and improve their presentation skills. We quickly identify potential areas for your development based on your business personality style.

Our Presentation Skills Coach will work with you to achieve the following objectives.


  • Uncover potential areas for growth and development in the workplace focusing on showing how this might reflect in your current presentation style and approach.
  • To identify and focus on areas of personal weakness around presenting (things that colleagues may feel uncomfortable telling you or bosses may not be able to “lay their finger on”). Because this is where most people make the biggest difference – by knowing specifically where and how to improve their presentation impact.
  • To identify and focus on personal strengths in presenting meaning you know how to hone your personal style and give powerful presentations.


Our Presentation Strengths & Weaknesses Identifier package includes:

  • Insights Discovery ProfileInsights Discovery
  • Pre-work to maximise the session
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Identifier overview video
  • Personalised action plan
  • 2-hour call

Price: £595

Please contact us and we will call you back to give you further information.


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