The Mindset for Speaking Success

Improving your public speaking confidence to help you succeed in business is more than just training for your skill set. It’s about ensuring you have the right mindset too.

Working with your highly experienced Trainer, you will be coached using a blended approach in this tailored public speaking course.

We will help you re-engineer your state of mind to achieve your public speaking and presentation skills goals, leaving you fear-free with reduced stress levels and open to public speaking opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Create life-long positive mindsets
  • Always have the right mindset to be a calm and confident speaker
  • More easily implement the skillsets you’ve learnt
  • Turn negative speaking habits into positive ones
  • Inspire people with your presentations rather than just get through them
  • Apply your new-found confidence to all areas of your life – not only to presenting
  • Move your career forwards or put a long-term plan in place
  • Actively enjoy giving presentations, or at least be neutral about them

Improve your public speaking confidence

This multi-award-winning approach is perfect for nervous presenters who want to get to the root of the problem and improve their confidence long term. Before the course begins, you will receive a workbook so we can understand a little more about you.

Next, you will have a one-hour coaching preparation call where we discuss your issues around public speaking in more depth. This is all about us understanding your individual case and what symptoms you show to make sure that you’re comfortable and ready for your one day one-to-one intensive coaching session.

You then receive Dee Clayton’s book ‘Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys’ and your trainer will guide you to the most relevant sections to help you get ahead of the game with your preparatory reading.

In your presentation skills coaching session, we will tackle whatever is holding you back – so we’ll get to the root of the problem and get your mindset sorted. We’ll guide you through our multi-award winning “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys” approach meaning you’ll get rid of any negative mind chatter and replace it with a more positive and helpful frame of mind when it comes to presenting and confidence in general.

You’ll leave with your new public speaking skills and mindset to match and tailored practice to help you prepare for your 30-minute follow-on video call where we’ll run through your new and improved state of mind and including practising a final presentation so you can see, hear and feel the difference.

Support and resources included in your training

  • Pre-work: Dee Clayton’s hard copy book ‘Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys’
  • Workbook ‘About You’
  • One hour preparation coaching call
  • One day one-to-one intensive coaching
  • 30-minute follow-on call
  • Free access to exclusive training videos
  • Confidence recording MP3
  • Access to the exclusive Support Coaching Sessions

Feedback from previous delegates

I was so, so looking forward to today, I got a few laughs and got my point across – I had some amazing feedback. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and if it weren’t for banishing the monkeys I would still be shying away! Thank you a million times to the moon and back! I have achieved things beyond my wildest dreams! Do not hesitate if you need help – fear can be conquered.

Claire Hartnell – Director ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


*You can only purchase this training after completing Stage 1 and 2 training modules*

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"I love it! "Bring it on"! Can you say that when you think about giving a presentation?

Dee’s presentation skills course was excellently received by the team. Every person who attended said they saw a huge difference in themselves and each other from the start of day 1 to the end of day 2. Dee’s 4MAT structure has also been hugely beneficial and is being used across the team, resulting in more concise presentations. Would highly recommend.

Category & Shopper Marketing Controller

Before I worked with Simply Amazing Training, even the thought of presenting made me suffer from panic attacks and made me feel physically unwell. During the mindset mentoring session we uncovered the “monkeys” as Dee calls them, that were causing the issues and I learnt how to turn them into more positive thoughts instead. In another session, I learnt the tricks on the structure and preparing a presentation which gave me lots of practice which was just as well because only a few weeks later I presented at an all company conference … I felt so much better about it than I ever have before – my monkeys were under control.

Credit Controller – Global Manufacturing Company

I must say that making that first contact was a big step for me and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The course is very well structured and the techniques learnt invaluable in addressing public speaking fears. We developed a good 1:1 relationship quickly. I no longer shy away from opportunities to run meetings and present updates, in fact, I have since done several types of presentations with great success. I have made a big step forward and I feel so much happier and better within myself. I am about to change role and it was my increased confidence gained from this course that gave me the impetus to seek out a different opportunity.

Director – UK Consumer and Corporate bank

I decided I wanted to do motivational speaking, [The course] taught me how to structure a talk, what was my ethos, what I believed in, what were my core priorities in a talk … the things I needed to change I’ve changed … I’m happy with my talk. I thought it was full of energy, the reaction from the crowd was good [and I included] some of the key points suggested to help me so I’ve got no complaints. My confidence in how to structure a talk, how to be a speaker has grown and that’s just been working one to one.

Click here to see a short clip showing Michael Duberry motivational speaking and talking about his mentoring experience.

Michael Duberry – Ex-Professional Footballer
Now Motivational Speaker and coach

After the Pro training, I felt very much happier, more confident and enthusiastic about my presentations. I know how to prepare and structure presentations. I know I can present well because I know how to adapt my message to what the audience wants. I now use less unnecessary hand gestures [and when I do use my hands it is for more meaningful gestures]. I am speaking more slowly and pausing more regularly [hence] less stuttering. I really liked the immediate feedback correcting me instantly.

Richard Lee – Entrepreneur, Reporter at Sky
and Performance Coach

The mindset course on ‘monkey taming’ is brilliant. For the first time, I was able to dedicate time to thinking about the things that were holding me back. The techniques and style make the ‘monkey taming’ process simple and effective, and allowed me to change my mindset.

In the Pro session, we worked on a presentation that I was to deliver at a big industry event – understanding how to get the key messages out, connect with the audience better and ultimately feel more at home ‘on stage’. I was extremely happy with my delivery and received some excellent feedback from the delegates at the conference.

Most presentation courses you come away thinking “that was great” and then forget it all… this one changes you, for the better, forever.

Head of Category – FMCG

10/10 Better presentations! After seeing Dee speak at our annual conference I decided to sign up to her public speaking coaching lessons. I was not as confident as I’d liked to have been about preparing and delivering presentations. We tamed my ‘public speaking monkeys’ (as Dee calls them) and learnt advanced skills. Her unique approach really worked. I now feel much more confident, prepared and deliver clearer presentations. Highly recommended!

Operations Director – UK Serviced Offices Group

I took these programmes shortly before speaking at our annual conference and I had never spoken in public before. During the trainings, I learnt posture, better storytelling and how to speak with more pauses and less “ums”. We learnt how to present without even using PowerPoint and to easily remember what to say. Following the courses, I feel so much more prepared and clear and a lot less nervous. The conference talk went really well and everyone praised me on how well I’d done – I remembered everything I wanted to say without any slides at all.

Customer Services Manager – Global Manufacturing Company

Testimonial From Susanna
Testimonial From Claire

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