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Have you noticed how great business communicators, presenters and speakers all have their unique blend of confidence, clarity, insight, personality and passion? They can present ideas and concepts in a way that really resonates. They engage their audience, prompt action and encourage discussion – leaving people wanting to know more.

How would you like to be one of those speakers? Present Like a Pro is an advanced presentation skills training programme, specifically developed with business professionals in mind. You will learn the skill sets and mindsets required to become a calm and confident presenter, be it online or off (watch our video testimonials).

How do I learn?

You can choose whether to do the course in person face to face or virtually. Both options will be individually taught, so it will just be you and your highly experienced presentation skills coach.

What situations will it help me with?

Business presentations online and off e.g. boardroom presentations, pitching internal ideas, webinars, technical presentations, conference presentations, customer proposals and sales presentations, internal meetings, investment pitches, keynote speeches and more… (Where applicable, you’ll learn the principles of virtual presenting and for in-depth training on the subject, see our Virtual Presenting courses).

How does the programme work?

You can choose to meet your coach in person or do the training virtually.

Face to face in person:

  • 1 x 60-minute coaching session (covering Parts 1 & 2)
  • 1 x 1 full day at a convenient venue (covering Parts 3, 4 & 5)
  • 1 x post training video review with feedback from your coach
  • 4 weeks of email coaching support
  • Workbooks, exercises, practise and materials to support and embed learning
  • You’ll receive the book High Performance Presentations by Dee Clayton, which will enable you to learn more on the themes


Virtual training:

  • 4 x 90-minute virtual coaching sessions – live and interactive, covering Parts 1-5
  • 4 x post training video reviews with feedback from your coach
  • 4 weeks of email coaching support
  • Workbooks, exercises, practise and self-study materials to support and embed learning
  • You’ll receive the book High-Performance Presentations by Dee Clayton, which will enable you to learn more on the themes

Optional extra: Ideal for face to face and virtual learners (Part 6): 1 x 60-minute live post-training review via web call

By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Do away with confused slides and design a logical, flowing presentation
  • Understand and connect with your audience
  • Organise your thoughts in a more effective way
  • Inspire your audience to listen, engage and act
  • Develop and practice the right amount of content and keep your talk on time
  • Start your presentations in a strong, confident way
  • Easily find your way back on track if you ever lose your place
  • Remember your content so you don’t have to read from notes or slides
  • Anticipate audience questions and prepare for the unexpected
  • Feel confident because you know what to do, where to focus and how to continue improving.

Here’s the course breakdown:

Part 1 – Who is your audience and what motivates them?

We ask you to complete some pre-work using the ‘Audience in mind’ workbook (hard copy or e-version available). This helps you get into the mind of the listener and understand their needs and motivations – invaluable when it comes to designing your presentation. You can also apply what you learnt about Personality Styles in Stage One if you studied that, making sure your audience is motivated to follow your call to action.

Part 2 – How do I create a presentation with a powerful start?

In this next step we teach you how to begin your presentation with a bang, so your audience are engaged from the outset. We want them to put their phones and laptops aside so they can concentrate fully on your presentation. Using the ‘SAS principles’ workbook, we’ll take you through the first stages of the Simply Amazing Structure (SAS). In the LITTLE INTRO you’ll discover how to frame the presentation for success, build rapport, and position yourself as a credible speaker. In the WHY section you’ll learn how to motivate the audience to be present, and to listen, be open minded and engage.

If you’re doing the virtual training, your (optional) home play will include creating a short video of your session realisations. This embeds what you have been taught, allows you to practice your new-found presentation skills and drives improvement as your coach provides constructive feedback.

Part 3 – How do I inspire action?

Most people create content and then think about how to inspire action, but here at Simply Amazing Training we know it works far better the other way around. So before developing your content, we’ll look at the HOW section of the Simply Amazing Structure. What is the call to action? Do we want our audience to buy something, support an idea, or share our information with others? When you go on to create your content in Part 4, it will be perfectly tailored to the desired action. If you are doing the virtual training, you will show what you’ve learnt in a short video and the trainer will provide constructive feedback.

Part 4 – How do I create powerful content?

If you have already studied at Stage One you will recognise this topic, but we go into much more depth here. You’ll learn how to structure your presentation, select the best content and make your message clear and simple. No more mind blank moments, no more bored audiences! You will learn and practise the WHAT section of the Simply Amazing Structure, so you’ll divide your content into logical flowing information that influences, persuades and takes the audience with you step by step. You’ll discover how to engage the listener and get them involved so it’s more of a two-way conversation than a lecture. If you are doing the virtual training, you will show what you’ve learnt in a short video and the trainer will provide constructive feedback.

Part 5 – How do I answer questions and overcome objections?

A good presenter will ensure the audience has understood what has been said and make them feel comfortable enough to speak up. Learning how to answer questions – and predicting what they might be – is an important part of planning a presentation (but because you have thought about your audience in advance, hopefully all obvious questions have been answered before they are even asked). You want your audience to raise any objections before they fester or worse still, get talked about in the corridor after the presentation – we ensure you learn how to get your chance to address any audience issues early.

Whether you are doing the virtual or in person face to face training, you will be invited to show what you’ve learnt throughout the programme in a short finale review video. Your trainer will provide constructive feedback and highlight next steps.

Part 6 – Practise and next steps 60-minute live review

This section is an optional extra, but we highly recommend it. This is where it all comes together – time for you to practice and embed everything you’ve learnt. You will deliver your final presentation in a live web call to your trainer. They will give you constructive feedback on the structure and delivery of your presentation, plus a detailed plan for your next steps so you can continue to improve even after the course has finished.

Investment Price and Next Steps

When you invest in more than one stage at a time:

Sounds just what you need? Want to know more? Then get in touch today to discuss your situation and we’ll take you through step by step investment requirements, timelines, logistics and anything else you need to know.

Dee is a great instructor and knows her stuff really well.
Thanks to Dee for all her efforts. She was absolutely fantastic.

Burak Asral
Customer Experience Manager
Zebra Technologies

I like that the training is well structured, not too long or too short, and I gained lots of new knowledge.

Mikael Lohmann
Senior Customer Success lead
Zebra Technologies

Dee was very engaging and helped make me feel comfortable.
It has really helped with my confidence and I have learned a lot about myself and also how to read my audience. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected.
Hopefully more of my colleagues will be invited to take this training as it has been a real eye opener.

Vicky Springle
Customer Experience Manager
Zebra Technologies

Definitely recommended!
Very practical training with a lot of interaction between trainer and attenders.
This is a methodology I can apply not just for presenting but interaction and conversations with the customers and with the internal teams.

Jose Garcia

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What are the results with 1:1 training?

“I’ll have more impact with my presentations and reduce reliance on PowerPoint. I will go back and redesign my presentation around this model.”

Phil Jarvis

“Concise and relevant – easy to use once mastered. Will use the format [SAS] to evaluate current presentations to edit and improve them. The trainer was knowledgeable and engaging 10 out of 10.”

Jackie Murray

“I will be more confident; this will come with being better prepared. What I liked most about the training was that it gave me a plan to work with – took me out of my comfort zone. Highly recommend this to other departments”

Andrew Pope

It was a completely different way of approaching the topic. I will have a more engaged audience – no more death by PowerPoint. I will go back and re-write my presentations. Thank you for the informative day.


“I feel I will have a more engaged audience, I’ll have more clarity, and feel more confident. I will use this everyday 10/10.”

Claire Jones

“I understand how to consider the audience, how to start, gain interest, structure the content and how to encourage the audience to take action. I feel more confident in presenting and know how to continue to improve. What I liked most about the training was the relaxed environment, great encouragement, and praise. Well delivered, approachable trainer very encouraging and very beneficial thank you.”

Julie Moir

Testimonial From Susanna
Testimonial From Claire

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