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Advanced Presentation Skills Mastery Programme

Advanced presentation skills training courseLevel 2: Advanced Presentation Skills Mastery Programme is for business professionals who want to master the art of public speaking.

This training course is available as one to one and in-house training in Hertfordshire, London and Dorset.

Participants might already be confident and competent presenters, but there is always room for improvement.

At this level, participants will often be working towards a specific goal, such as preparing and practising for an important company seminar or annual conference so we will tailor the course and make it bespoke to your requirements. Please contact us now for more information.

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Level 2: Advanced Presentation Skills Mastery Class – One to One



Level 2: Advanced Presentation Skills Mastery Class – in-house



 “VIDEO (Scroll down!): See how this course worked for ex-footballer Michael Duberry”. 

Mastery is all about learning how to deliver in a way that’s just right for the audience. Participants will learn how to:

  • Deliver in an interactive and engaging manner
  • Adapt the content for different audience types
  • Stop wasting time practising inefficiently
  • Run exercises or activities with 100% success
  • Eloquently handle difficult questions
  • Learn and remember your presentation easily
  • Discover your own presentation style that is just right for you
  • Influence and persuade the audience
  • See potential issues before they arise
  • Eliminate any bad habits
  • Use their hands to enhance their message not detract from it
  • Vary their voice tone and volume appropriately
  • Tell stories that inspire
  • Gain buy in from difficult audiences
  • Thrive not just survive in “The Graveyard slot”


Who is it for?

I’ve worked with individuals and companies from around the world at this level and for a variety of reasons. I’ve helped:

  • The founder of an internet business to deliver a 60-minute keynote at an industry conference in Dublin and receive excellent feedback
  • A Managing Director to address an industry conference in South America to 2000 people – as a result she was invited to speak again the following year
  • A Finance Director who already gave strong presentations to improve his conference speech and monthly presentations ready to take on the next role
  • A retired professional footballer to begin his motivational speaker career by creating, from scratch, a modular motivational talk. He delivered it to 90 business people with excellent audience feedback finishing confident and ready for all future opportunities.


How does it work?

I take you through my unique ‘7 Steps to Being Simply Amazing’ process, (*see below for details of the 7 steps), which has worked effectively for over five years. At this level, we focus largely on steps 3-7 of the process, as the first 2 are about getting rid of your fear. Further details about each session and home study are outlined in the brochure.

1.& 2. Catch, Connect and Tame

I help you identify and  eliminate any small worries or concerns that may be standing in the way of an excellent presentation.

3. Presentation Style 

With a focus on situations, audience, style and objectives, I help you craft and practise your framework and story so it suits your personality and resonates with the audience.

4. Content Principles 

I teach you the 4 pillars of structure and engaging content – a critical, but often missed part of the process. You apply the theory to a relevant case study presentation.

5. Learn and Remember 

Using your case study presentation I will share effective preparation techniques and simple steps to help you to learn and remember – tailored to your learning style.

6. Engaging Delivery 

A chance for you to develop excellent delivery skills you can use again and again, applying what you learn to your chosen presentation or keynote.

7. Practice and Review 

This is the time to practice – after all, “practice makes permanent”. So now you’re happy with the talk it’s time to review and learn how to best utilise the practise time you have. Whatever you’ll benefit from improving the most will be identified, taught and practised in the presentation training sessions. I will give you honest feedback on body language, voice tonality, structure, positioning, presentation structure and content. As I say in my Public Speaking Book “Practice does not make perfect – practice makes permanent” so my job is to help you learn the right things and then ensure you practice those.

With presentation skills Mastery – you’ll learn all about how to deliver in a way that’s just right for the audience. We’ll cover advanced presentation skills to influence and persuade, how to learn and remember your presentation easily and efficiently and deliver it in an engaging and appropriate manner, which feels just right for you. If you’d like me to work with you or your teams at this Mastery level please get in touch and we can go from there.

What you really need to know now is that by the end of the course, I promise that you will have the knowledge and skills to deliver a clear, compelling and influential speech or presentation. Guaranteed.

This course is available as one to one mentoring for key individuals and for in-house teams.

Prices vary according to location. Please contact us for more details.


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