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Presentation Skills Training Courses

Team presentation skills training courseDee Clayton offers professional presentation skills training courses both for management teams and one-to-one presentation skills coaching sessions in Hertfordshire, London and Dorset.

I work with presenters with a range of presenting experience.

I work with nervous presenters to help them with their fears of public speaking and gain confidence so they can present effectively in team meetings, at conferences or to clients.

I also work with more seasoned presenters, business owners and directors who want to up their game, by delivering a keynote speech at an industry conference for example.

I thrive on challenges and from my experience, I know that my unique training approach pays dividends.

Why attend my presentation skills training course?

My presentation training sessions are both for you and/or your team and they will help you:

  • Maximise on opportunities when pitching for new businessCPD accredited course
  • Get over the nerves that prevent people portraying a professional image
  • Make the most of exhibitions and trade show presentations
  • Increase sales and become more influential and persuasive
  • Engage your peers and clients at industry events
  • Stand up in the boardroom and be confident, clear and compelling
  • Present ideas or new processes effectively to your team or other departments
  • Deliver keynote speeches or become a motivational speaker


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Bespoke courses

I offer bespoke presentation skills training courses to both individuals and groups so please get in touch so I can see how I can help. My courses include:

My approach to Presentation Skills Training with Simply Amazing Training is different, please view the video below.


Dee Clayton, multi-award winning presentation skills trainer

I’m Dee Clayton, multi-award winning presentation skills trainer and author of “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys – Building Confidence For Public Speaking And Presentations”.

I specialise in helping professionals improve their presentation skills, working across all sorts of skill levels and situations.

I’m passionate about helping people to feel calm and confident when they speak, and then working with them to shift their communication skills to the next level so they can deliver their message in a compelling and convincing manner.

My expertise has made a valuable contribution to a wide range of companies in Hertfordshire, London and Dorset, so please read my customer testimonials.


  • Team presentation skills training course

    Team Presentation Skills

    Improve business communications skills and presentation confidence of senior executives, sales and marketing teams and account management teams. Learn how to avoid death by PowerPoint and deliver engaging presentations instead. Bespoke training course suitable both for nervous presenters and those with more experience.

  • Advanced presentation skills training course

    Advanced Presentation Skills Mastery Programme

    Advanced presentation skills course for senior managers, directors and keynote speakers who can already present confidently. This course will take them to the next level. Ideal for sales directors sales pitches, exhibitions/ trade show presentations, motivational speakers who speak at awards dinners or business events.

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