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Presentation Skills Training: Nelson Mandela’s Tips. Chris Lubbe presentation skills interview trailer

After fighting the ‘apartheid’ regime for most of his life and working alongside Nelson Mandela, Chris Lubbe now shares his message of hope as an inspirational speaker.
Take 1.5 mins right now to watch the video trailer and hear what made Nelson Mandela such a great speaker.

Chris not only tells us that Mandella would spend plenty of time practicing and preparing what to say but also how he loved to read and include quotes from his favourite books.

The full interview is even more amazing – follow the link at the end of this trailer video to watch it or click on my next blog to find the full video interview there.

For presentation skills training courses and one to one presentation coaching please do get in touch with me, Dee Clayton today to see how I can help you or your teams to communicate even more effectively.

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