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Presentation Nerves and Public Speaking Monkeys

Why are Public Speaking Monkeys an issue?


More often than not the monkey voices are negative internal voices that put doubt in your mind about your presenting abilities. Do you find nerves and anxiety sometimes stops you even trying to get up to speak?


These voices then ultimately discourage you from talking in front of others altogether. Do you look for ways to avoid talking? Always the last to volunteer?


The voices or Public Speaking Monkeys can mean we build up anticipation further so we spend more time thinking about the worry rather than preparing. Do you find you spend more time worrying than practising?

ULTIMATELY you won’t do your best because of the monkeys inside your head. You’ll probably have to give your speech regardless. But it’s not comfortable, you don’t enjoy it but at least you’ve done it, because you needed to. Phew! Time for a stiff drink.

Suffer from Presentation Anxiety and symptoms? 

Take a look at our multi-award winning 3 part approach to “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys”

Part 1. Catching your monkeys.

The first step is to catch the monkeys and then you see what it actually is that you need to overcome – it’s all about discovering what your monkey voices are saying. You’ll learn how to tune in to the voices and hear what they are saying. The good, the bad, and the downright ugly…

As you go through the process you’ll begin to decrease those nerves and anxious feelings and by the end of step 3 your presentation nerves will be gone for good…To catch the monkeys running around in your head you need to listen out for them. Don’t ignore them, they won’t go away.

Part 2: Connect with your monkeys.

This part involves you following the process step by step to identify and connect with your personal monkeys and understand why they are there. The monkeys always mean to be helpful but more often than not they’ve got confused, have misunderstood or taken things a little too personally. You may be sceptical. But this process really works. Let’s get them under control once and for all!

Part 3: Challenge your monkeys.

This is the part where the magic happens! But beware you have to have done the previous steps correctly or the magic won’t work! By challenging the public speaking monkeys you decrease their power and hold over you. You no longer need to be fearful.

Don’t worry, the public speaking monkeys are all in your mind. Literally. So that means that when we learn to catch them, connect with them and challenge them, you’ll be able to speak with the monkeys tamed and on your side, with real inner confidence.

So what’s stopping you? There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Tame those mischievous monkeys now.

Imagine how nice it will be once you have tamed your monkeys and you next stand up to speak, those presentation nerves will disappear. You’ll feel calm, communicate with clarity and speak with confidence.

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