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Pass It On: the gift of fear-free public speaking


I’ve just launched my ‘Pass It On’ campaign. Everyone who has attended my public speaking training or mentoring receives a copy of my self-help bookTaming Your Public Speaking Monkeys: Building Confidence for Public Speaking and Presentations. The book takes you through my multi-award winning approach in ten chapters.

The idea behind the campaign is that my delegates can give their copy of my book to someone else, and I’ll replace theirs free of charge. The person who receives the book isn’t committed to doing any further training with me. I’m just keen for as many people as possible to read the book.

So if you’ve worked with me personally and own a copy of my book, this offer applies to you. Is there anyone you think could benefit from becoming a more confident public speaker? Do them a favour, and pass it on.

How it works

Send me an email with ‘Pass It On’ in the subject line. Let me know the name and job title (optional) of the person you gave your book to, and provide your postal address. I’ll send you a brand new copy. The campaign will run until the end of November 2015, and there’s a maximum of 5 books per person.

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