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One-day Presentation Skills Training Course: “How To Make Effective Presentations”

I am really excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry to deliver a one-day training on presentation skills. We will focus on delivering Effective Presentations – ones that work and do what you want them to!

The course is suitable for people who aren’t yet speaking frequently as well as more experienced presenters… If you want to feel more comfortable giving business presentations and get better results from your talks, meetings or seminars then come and join us. Generally I only offer this type of course to companies with up to 6 participants of their own, so it’s really nice to be able to open it up to the public for anyone to book – you don’t even need to be a Chamber members to attend (though I’d highly recommend joining anyway of course!)

This Presentation Skills Training Course is ideally suited for Business Owners, Managers and Team Leaders who need to be able to present to/at Internal team meetings, Customer meetings, Board meetings, Industry Events, Conferences, project update meetings or sales meetings or for those who make new business pitches.

During the presentation skills course we’ll cover:

  • How to be calm and confident when speaking
  • The CLEAR presentations approach – what 5 steps you need to know to be an effective Presenter
  • Common mistakes people make in business presentations and how to avoid them
  • “How big is your monkey?” (an introduction to the multi-award winning Public Speaking Monkeys approach)
  • How to answer “tricky” questions with ease
  • How to structure any talk (even at the last minute with only a few minutes preparation time
  • How to practice closing a presentation with impact
  • What steps you need to apply to increase sales, improve response rates or attract new clients through presenting
  • Tips on using PowerPoint appropriately – to add to your message not bore people to tears!
  • Helping audiences know, like and believe you!

The cours e takes place on 15 Nov, from 9am to 5pm at The University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield – Get in touch to be the first to learn of new course dates for 2014!!
Places on the course are limited so to book your place contact Jodie Reid on Tel: 01707 398400 or Email:

The price for Members is £199 and Non-members is £250.

What did delegates say about this course? 

  • “Learnt not to be so worried about what other people are going to say or getting asked a question I don’t know”
  • “Very clear about the topic and also entertaining”
  • “I will use the grid, body language tips and tips for memorable presentations”
  • “I liked standing up and then receiving feedback”
  • “I think it was perfect. I shall be recommending this to colleagues”
  • “I’ve got better awareness of areas to improve”

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