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NLP course for Business

What is NLP?

Neuro is about what we think; Linguistic is about what we say (verbally & non-verbally); and Programming is about what we do. So put simply, NLP is the study of what we think, say and do. Neuro Linguistic Programming is often summarised as ‘the study of success’ and in blue chips it’s an essential part of management training and development programmes.

This once little-known approach is now a mainstream tool for people development in forward-thinking companies. In America, 75% of the Fortune 500 top companies have made NLP a compulsory part of their training and development programmes*.

We are passionate about NLP and know that it works. We help companies understand and use it effectively. NLP can be used to move forward with a specific challenge, like conquering your fear of public speaking, or can be adopted more generically to have a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

‘Business NLP’ is the connection between a hugely powerful personal development tool and a business-centred approach to performance improvement. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (applied practically, without the jargon) helps businesses and teams become even more effective. We specialise in bringing the benefits of NLP to business communications – specifically in the areas of Presentation Skills Training, management and team communication.

* Source: Forbes Magazine


What NLP business experience is there at Simply Amazing Training ?

Dee is highly qualified in NLP, she is a Certified Trainer of NLP (which means she could certify Practitioners and Master Practitioners) and a Trainer Member of ANLP The Association for NLP Professionals. In her role as Marketing Director for ANLP CIC International, she is committed to raising awareness of NLP and its benefits and promoting best practice among NLP Professionals. On any NLP based courses associates are Master Practitioner qualified or above.

Our NLP programmes help individuals and businesses see more choices in the way they communicate with others. Simply Amazing Training’s approach and tailored courses allow organisations to unlock the full potential of their managers, marketing teams and their brands. Our presentation training methods employed enable individuals to be more effective thinkers and doers, and make companies more efficient and successful.


Is NLP all hippie-speak?

Our courses are jargon-free zones. We offer commercial training with commercial benefits; there’s no mumbo-jumbo!


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