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Simply Amazing Training – Multi-award winning business

SME National Business Award Runner Up Enterprising Business 2017We are delighted and proud to be able to call ourselves a multi-award winning business. I hope that as we continue to enter, become finalists and win (fingers crossed) more and more prestigious awards this continues to add value to our clients.

How do our award successes help our clients?

Having come from a background where awards were often about self gratification, it’s important to us that our clients benefit from award wins as well us. We believe that our award successes mean that clients and future clients benefit from:

1) Credibility and confidence in our business

In a world overflowing with websites and adverts, clients are looking for quick ways to differentiate good quality and trustworthiness. Awards provide third party endorsements that Simply Amazing Training is a credible company demonstrating consistency over time so clients can feel confident booking with us.

2) Quality and effectiveness of our services and programmes

Our clients want to find an effective presentation skills trainer, they really want the training to work. In order to be shortlisted or win a credible business award you have to be able to demonstrate results and effectiveness. We submit testimonials, case studies and success stories to demonstrate to the judges that our approach works.

3) Understanding that we are different and why

We believe what we do is different and unique. We help people to “Tame Their Public Speaking Monkeys“, and hence feel more confident in many situations. But most businesses thinks they are different and special don’t they? We’ve actually been recognised for our innovation and we hope this helps clients to see we are different to the rest.

4) Continual improvement of our offering

If you haven’t ever entered a business award you may not know what’s involved. Each entry is different, but they often ask you to reflect back on past successes and demonstrate how you will repeat or build on those successes. It’s really good practice to get us thinking and planning for future consumer needs. They also ask about weaknesses or obstacles you’ve had to overcome and these feed into continual improvements of our programmes.

5) Working high quality Licensed Practitioners

We are continually expanding our reach across the UK in order to help more people. To maintain our high quality we only want to attract experienced and high quality people to join our Licensed Practitioner family and work with clients. Our awards signal to the right kind of people that we are a business they would want to build their futures around.

Are there more benefits to awards that we’ve not mentioned? Do let us know your views.

A list of the awards we’ve won and been finalist status in are below for those who are really, really interested!

Simply Amazing Training

  • National Finalist “Business of the Year less than 50 Employees” Sep 2017 – SME National Business Awards
  • National Runner-up “Enterprising Business” Sep 2017 – SME National Business Awards
  • Finalist “Small Business” ​ Venus Oct 2015 – Dorset Venus Awards
  • Finalist “Enterprising Business” 2012 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Winner “St Albans Small Business of the Year” June 2012 – Hertfordshire FSB Awards
  • Winner “Business Innovation” 2012 – Hertfordshire FSB Awards
  • Finalist “Enterprising Business” Nov 2012 East of England Business Champions Award
  • “Overall Winner East of England Business Champions Award” Oct 2011 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Winner “Marketing Innovation” Oct 2011 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Winner “Business Innovation” Oct 2011 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Finalist “Creative Innovation” Nov 2011 Hertfordshire Business Awards

Dee Clayton

  • Semi Finalist “Entrepreneur Of The Year” Oct 2014 – Dorset Venus Awards
  • Winner “Business Person Of The Year” Nov 2013 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Winner “Business Person Of The Year” Nov 2012 – East of England Business Champions Award
  • Finalist “Real Life Entrepreneur” June 2012- Hertfordshire FSB Awards

Marion Hewitt

  • Winner “CPD Coach of the year” Nov 2017 – TCA International Coaching Awards