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High Performance Presentations

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Public Speaking Tips & Presentation Skills to Engage, Persuade and Inspire by Dee Clayton

Embracing the advice this book gives you could be the key to a more confident, captivating presentation.” Kathryn Jacob OBE – CEO at Pearl & Dean

I found the advice practical and effective. Using it in a recent regional operations review with US bosses – it benefited me and my team because we were able to confidently and succinctly position our annual plans.” Marion Obergfell – Senior Director at Zebra Technologies Europe Ltd

Bursting with practical tips, case studies, illustrations and exercises, multi-award winning presentation skills trainer, and author of “Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys®”, Dee Clayton shows you step by step how to deliver “High-Performance Presentations”.

In this book you’ll discover how to:

• Improve exponentially when you become audience led using the “SAS” approach
• Demonstrate genuine confidence through your mindset, body language and speech
• Deliver presentations that engage, persuade and inspire the audience into action

Busy? Need to prioritise? Use the ‘Presentation Personality Style Quiz’ to uncover your preferred style mix and likely areas for development. The styles, their strengths and weaknesses are referred to throughout the book means you can prioritise your learnings and focus on what you need to know.

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