Expenses Policy

Presentation Skills/Public Speaking Courses – One to One Training Courses

We want to be transparent from the beginning about how we work and our costs because we want our customers to be treated in the fairest manner. In addition to our training course investment price, we charge our expenses at cost which means we don’t subsidise other people’s costs into your investment price, so you only pay for what you use.

In order to reach our customers across right across the UK we have highly trained and experienced accredited practitioner coaches working with Simply Amazing Training based at different locations across the UK. That means that subject to availability your coach can meet you at most locations in the UK, on various days and at times to suit you making it as convenient and easy as possible.

We ask the client to pay for reasonable costs incurred by your trainer for each visit (see below) and the upside is, at the time of publishing, when you work with, and are invoiced by an accredited practitioner coach, Skyler or Will, your training course is not subject to VAT.

Travel costs

  • Mileage to the meeting venue @ 45p per mile
  • Train fares at standard class costs
  • Other reasonable travel costs incurred when travelling to and from the venue

Meeting room hire

  • Meeting privately is important to the success of the programme
  • We are happy to come to your offices – you’ll need a suitably private meeting room
  • Alternately we can source a venue for the meeting and cross charge it to you
    • This is likely to be a hotel meeting room for 6 hours
    • Sorry we do not come to your home or home office
    • You are free to source and pay for room hire separately if you choose

Overnight accommodation

  • In a few circumstances, in order to be at their best, your trainer may need to stay near the training venue
  • This is likely if:
    • Your session is 2 or more hours travel from the Licensed Practitioners location
    • Your meeting has a very early/late start/finish time
    • Other exceptional circumstances
    • Where available high quality, budget hotels will be sought e.g. Premier Inn within 10 mins drive of the venue

How do we agree the expenses?

  • All costs (or guide ranges) must be discussed and agreed in writing before a contract is signed
  • Above we give you an idea of what to expect, but this does not form the contract
  • By mutual agreement, agreed dates might be changed if expenses prove to be unusually high (e.g. The venue has a special event on), without attracting postponement fees.

Why do we charge these expenses?

As a small business who wants to remain flexible to the needs of their clients, we are continually improving our offering. We have previously had one (higher) set price to allow for the expenses incurred, and we have had two fixed venues. As we continue to expand and cover so many different locations, including London, airport locations for those flying in from abroad and other premium areas, this proves harder to implement in a fair manner that meets our customer’s ever-changing needs.

We do value your feedback and are always open to change so please let us know if you have any suggestions to improve and make the ‘expenses’ side of the process even better. Thank you.

Up to date at the time of publishing: November 2019

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