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Coaching Support Call 2

Presentation Design Critique

You need to have completed Module B – Personalised & Persuasive Presentation Design with us before taking this session.

Perhaps you have an important presentation coming up – this 2-hour video call focuses on the nuts and bolts of your new presentation – the Simply Amazing Structure (SAS) and your slides. We will give you the extra confidence you need to ensure the message on each slide is clear and concise, and that you are using supporting visuals to your best advantage. We will ensure your presentation is logical and flowing as a whole, rather than just a collection of slides, and perfectly tailored to your audience. In this session, you will apply what you have previously learnt – skills and techniques to improve not just your current presentation, but every presentation you create in the future.  

Why choose this session?

You will:

  • Save time when working on an important presentation
  • Gain valuable independent feedback and practice
  • Feel confident knowing you’ve run your presentation past a professional
  • Learn tips and techniques to benefit all future presentations


Investment price: £395+vat 

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