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Dee Clayton and Marion Hewitt specialise in helping business professionals improve their presentation skills across all situations and skill levels. We are passionate about helping people to feel calm and confident when they speak, so they can deliver their message in a compelling and convincing manner.

It would be great to catch up with you on the phone for a chat or in person over a coffee, if you think there maybe value for your business in finding out a little more.

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Before I worked with Dee even the thought of presenting made me suffer from panic attacks and made me feel physically unwell. During the mentoring sessions we uncovered the “monkeys” as Dee calls them, that were causing the issues and I learnt how to turn them into morepositive thoughts instead. Then I was in the right place to learn the tricks Dee taught me on structure and preparing a presentation. In the final session I got lots of practice which was just as well because only a few weeks later I presented at an all company conference… I felt so much better about it than I ever have before – My monkey’s were under control. It is now over a year ago I worked with Dee  and I’ve presented a number of times and I feel like my confidence grows every time 🙂  Life is really good and I have a lot to thank Dee for!  If you are worried about your presentations, Dee is a fantastic person to work with.  Dee made me feel comfortable enough to be honest about my fears, even the ones I was scared to voice to anyone else for fear of looking silly!  Go for it, give her a call, you could train your monkeys too!

Credit Controller – Global Manufacturing Company


Working with Dee I was put at ease right from first phone call and meeting. We developed a good 1.1 relationship quickly which is key to being able to openly discuss all aspects. I no longer shy away from opportunities to run meetings and present updates, in fact I have since done several types of presentations with great success. I have made a big step forward and I feel so much happier and better within myself. Being on my feet doing the presentations was a bit strange at first but I was made to feel comfortable doing it and given plenty of tips. Now I really understand how to practice and appreciate the value of it too. I am about to change role and it was my increased confidence gained from this course that gave me the impetus to seek out a different opportunity. I must say that making that first contact was a big step for me and from the results I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The course is very well structured and the techniques learnt invaluable in addressing public speaking fears.

Director –  UK Consumer and Corporate bank


I decided I wanted to do motivational speaking, [Dee] taught me how to structure a talk, what was my ethos, what did I believe in, what where my core priorities in a talk… the things she said I needed to change I’ve changed … I’m happy with my talk I thought it was full of energy the reaction from the crowd was good [and I included] some of the key point she told me to help me so I’ve got no complaints. My confidence in how to structure a talk, how to be a speaker has grown and that’s just been working one to one with Dee. Click here to see a short clip showing Michael Duberry motivational speaking and talking about his mentoring experience.

Michael Duberry – Ex-Professional Footballer now Motivational Speaker


After the Mastery training with Dee I felt very much happier, more confident and enthusiastic about my presentations. I know how to prepare and structure presentations. I know I can present well because I know how to adapt my message to what the audience wants. I now use less unnecessary hand gestures [and when I do use my hands it is for more meaningful gestures]. I am speaking more slowly and pausing  more regularly [hence] less stuttering. I really liked the immediate feedback correcting me instantly.

Richard Lee – Entrepreneur, Reporter at Sky and Performance Coach


“Dee’s course on ‘monkey taming’ is brilliant. For the first time, I was able to dedicate time to thinking about the things that were holding me back. Her techniques and style make the monkey taming process simple and effective; and allowed me to change my mind-set. From there I was also able to work with her on a presentation that I was to deliver at a big industry event. She helped me understand how to get the key messages out, connect with the audience better and ultimately feel more at home ‘on stage’. The monkey taming process was fundamental to the success of this. I was extremely happy with my delivery and received some excellent feedback from the delegates at the conference. Most presentation courses you come away thinking “that was great” and then forget it all… this one changes you, for the better, forever.”

Head of Category – FMCG


10/10 Better presentations! After seeing Dee speak at our annual conference I decided to sign up to her public speaking coaching lessons. I was not as confident as I’d liked to have been about preparing and delivering presentations. We first tamed my ‘public speaking monkeys’ (as Dee calls them) and then learnt advanced skills. Her unique approach really worked. I now feel much more confident, prepared and deliver clearer presentations. Highly recommended!

Operations Director – UK Serviced Offices Group


I took Dee’s course one week before speaking at our annual conference and I had never spoken in public before. During the training I learnt posture, better storytelling and how to speak with more pauses and less “ums”. We learnt how to present without even using PowerPoint and to easily remember what to say. Following the course I feel so much more prepared and clear and a lot less nervous. The conference talk went really well and everyone praised me on how well I’d done – I remembered everything I wanted to say without any slides at all.

Customer Services Manager – Global Manufacturing Company

Dee’s presentation skills course was excellently received by the team. Every person who attended said they saw a huge difference in themselves and each other from the start of day 1 to the end of day 2. Dee’s 4MAT structure has also been hugely beneficial and is being used across the team, resulting in more concise presentations. Would highly recommend.

Category & Shopper Marketing Controller – Consumer Goods


The 4MAT has been a big revelation. I have unlearnt a lot to learn one new technique. I think my outlook and approach is fresher and sharper. I really liked the trainer – the energy was contagious. The training was relatively fast and Dee took us along well.

Sales Manager – Photography


Thank you for a brilliant session. I’m actually amazed how much we achieved in a one evening. I knew your were good but had no idea you were THAT good! just watched the video again and didn’t cringe once, which is good. In fact I thought I was pretty good. Actually looking forward to practising at work and showing them what I’m made of and more importantly refocusing my efforts on getting what I need out of them to fuel my future plans. Thanks hugely for your coaching. Keep up the good work and one by one you’ll get all the worlds monkeys under control.

Director – Global Financial Services Company


Before the training I was a little sceptical – I’d been on a lot of courses and wasn’t sure what else I needed to learn. I thought it would be a breeze. I can safely Dee put me through my paces and I really appreciate that! It is now 5 weeks since our in-house presentation skills training course and I have given 2 significant presentations with great results. One of the presentations was to a major customer and the feedback was that she “really she loved it”. I came out of meeting absolutely buzzing and felt it couldn’t have gone better it was really interactive and we’ve since secured a diary slot with them to present every month.

I’ve been using the techniques we practised not only for presentations but for my general workload when I’m planning a project and scoping out work. To be honest the structure is one of the most useful things I’ve ever taken on from a training! I’ve also found it saves a lot of work as well because by using your approach it really helps me to see if I need to do this or that and focus on the important things – it’s become part of my working life. I’ve also improved my slides I use visuals not boring bullet points now. I’m able to encourage interaction easily and keep the presentation on track.

Category Manager – Food Manufacturer


I have learnt more of a structure to the presentation so I am thinking more about what the audience want than what I want to say. The training was Interactive and practical – we were not just told how to do it we actually did it. It was a really relaxed environment and it felt safe.

Marketing – Media production


Thank you for a great day and making it interesting and not scary. I learnt a great structure for presenting and removing the monkeys which I can use in the future, learning how to give feedback positively was also useful for myself and my team.

Sales Manager – Medical Devices


“I demanded a crash course in Public Speaking and that’s what I got! Fantastic results in a very short period of time. Really enjoyed being coached by Dee.”

Property Professional and Investor


One To One Case Study

We work with all sorts of people Who want to improve their speaking we have worked with Michael Duberry (ex-Chelsea/Leeds for those of you who know as little as I do about football). He came to Simply Amazing Training for mentorship as he developed his new career in public speaking. I was excited to work with him; the fact that the average professional football career lasts eight years and his lasted 20 years says a lot about him as a person, I think.

The talk we have been working on is called ‘The Three D’s Of Success’ and covers the qualities that have carried him through his football career and his life: Determination, Discipline and Dedication. Michael delivered his first talk to a packed room last week, and did brilliantly. He kept the audience engaged, ran effective exercise sessions, and answered questions easily.

I can see that he has applied the three D’s to his learning with me. He has taken all the presentation skills and techniques I’ve taught him and gone the extra mile to ask questions, to work harder and practise more. He strives for improvement all the time. One of the first things he said when he came off stage after his talk was, “I need to remember to look around at the audience even more.” This determination, discipline and dedication make him an excellent student and I’ve learnt a thing or two from him.

One of the things I most enjoy about Simply Amazing Training is learning from my clients; it’s always a two-way street. It’s been great learning from Michael who was at the top of his game as a sportsman, and will be at the top of his game as a motivational speaker very soon. He is not content with being a good public speaker; he is determined to be the best, and I know he’ll achieve whatever he sets his mind to.


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