Yeshim Feridun

Yeshim Feridun

The Brief

Working with high profile people (like Prime Ministers and Parliamentarians), on a one to one basis was absolutely fine, but when it came to presenting her projects, Yeshim felt nervous which effected the way she presented.


After session 1 Yeshim felt much more at ease with herself and how she will present in the future.

After session 2 she was surprised at how much had been achieved. She said…

“Dee is very, very talented in finding out exactly what the problem is and she doesn’t let it go until it is resolved, so we resolved a lot of issues today.”

Now Yeshim is looking forward to giving presentations.

Dee says : See for yourself what Yeshim says and watch out for the huge shift in body language between session 1 and 2!


Yeshim Feridun (Director-Feridun Projects)

A few days later..

“At a high profile 100+ people meeting in Parliament yesterday I was asked to give a short but strategic message of concluding remarks. I had only 15 mins to prepare. It went so well! I managed to say everything I wanted with such ease, I couldn’t believe it! I must have motivated people too, as I received some great feedback afterwards, including a new project proposal.

Thank you Dee.” 

Dee says : Several years later Yeshim came back to practise a very important presentation. See for yourself what she had to say about the previous training and some of what she learnt in this second phase.

Posted by Dee Clayton on 30 May 2019

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