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Presentation Skills Training

The brief

The team at SCA Personal Care had to frequently make presentations but were nervous and unconfident when it came to presenting to the department and sales teams.


The team became more confident in their presentations and learnt how to structure their presentations in a way that was more appropriate to the people listening. The messages they wanted to communicate came across more clearly.


Duncan Phillips Marketing Director SCA Personal Care

“Dee is an excellent trainer. She combines her in depth knowledge with her unique presentation training techniques to produce fantastic results. Dee has an enthusiastic style that makes any training more memorable and impactful. The feedback from my team after completing her workshop was excellent.”

Delegate feedback was positive too:

“I feel much better about presenting & know I can present well. I’m happier answering questions now and don’t need to fiddle with the pen lid anymore. I am more focused on my content & will structure it differently. Definitely reduced my reliance on PowerPoint”

“I feel more confident than before…extremely useful. Liked the focus on relaxing the mind before presenting. Balance of belief in myself and presentation content…I will use this in presentations one to ones and social environments.”

“Great day really enjoyed the course. Extremely useful, achieved my goals & excellent content. I will feel much more confident when I have to present. Stopped fiddling with pens!”

“Achieved my goals & I definitely feel much more confident when presenting without PowerPoint. Feel much better around knowing that I do have content that is interesting to the audience. What I liked most was some of the psychology e.g. if you say something wrong stepping away. I will definitely consider the what, what if’s, how etc from now on.”

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