Alamy asked me to work with the marketing team and sales team to develop a consistent in-house sales presentation style for their new product launch that fitted with their brand and that the sales team could deliver easily and confidently. Before working together, some delegates did not feel confident about more formal group presentations where they needed to stand up and present to lots of people from different departments. Previously they had been used one to one sales meetings – but now the new product launch demanded a different approach.


The average delegate score for each of the training days was 9 out of 10 or higher. Delegates increased in their confidence and feel well practised delivering a structured corporate presentation in a formal environment. We worked together to develop a bespoke corporate sales presentation (based on the 4MAT structure), that was easily adaptable to any client and presentation, that still encouraged the presenters personality to shine through.


Helen Hicks – Head of Customer Service & Marketing

‘As I was involved heavily in the booking of the training, I knew largely what to expect. I knew that it wasn’t going to be dreadful in the way it would have been with another provider as I had got to know Dee …As far as I’m concerned, for me and the UK team the course delivered 100%. I don’t think we could have asked for more. Dee spent time getting to know us and was also a good match for us. The fact that she understood the sales and marketing process was a big plus.

The course did more for me than help me with my nerves and skills for presentations. It made me fundamentally review why I feel the way I do about presenting and when I drilled down, how I felt about myself, and why. I’ve been able to knock some perspective and rationale into my mind and that’s impacted me personally and professionally in a good way. I’m a monkey evangelist and will definitely recommend Dee to my professional contacts.

I was amazed to see the transformation in the team’s skills. I have used the 4MAT approach several times and I recently had to prepare PowerPoint presentations (3 versions) in collaboration with the sales team and the process was easy, quick and painless. It helped that we were all on the same wavelength.’

Posted by Dee Clayton on 30 Apr 2019

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