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Why learn public speaking presentation skills to be proud of?

You’ve probably been to a talk or presentation that didn’t work for you (and you’ve probably heard more than one speech that you wish you could have missed). If the presenter doesn’t come across as being 100% sure of what they are saying, the audience tends to realise it.

Most people think of public speaking as standing on stage in front of an audience and delivering a presentation, so they are surprised to find out that the clients I help come to me not only because they need to make a business presentation, but also because they have to make a speech at a wedding or attend business networking events. Public speaking is all of these things – and more.

‘Public’ doesn’t necessarily indicate an audience of hundreds of people. We’ve had clients who want to improve their performance in team meetings at work, for which they need to confidently speak up among just a few colleagues. We’ve helped clients with presentation tips to deliver more confident sales pitches, where they had to present to a panel of three to ten people. And we’ve worked with people who want to feel better in their team meetings, less worried about client meetings, improve their confidence for job interviews and learn how to feel calm and in control when making telephone calls.

Whatever your reason, because you are reading this it must be of some importance to you or someone you know. If you know people who are holding themselves back because their presentation skills aren’t where they need to be yet – feel free to buy the book or get in touch to speak about in-house or one to one training.

Simply Amazing Training offers professional presentation skills and public speaking training courses for individuals and companies.

Have a look around the website, contact us for more information or call us today on 0330 223 4392 for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 30 Nov 2017

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