Mentoring help to improve your public speaking confidence

Mentoring help to improve your public speaking confidence

Learn public speaking presentation skills to be proud of

Most people think of public speaking as standing on stage in front of an audience and delivering a presentation, so they are surprised to find out that the clients I help come to me because they have to make a speech at a wedding or attend business networking events. Public speaking is all of these things – and more.

‘Public’ doesn’t necessarily indicate an audience of hundreds of people. I’ve had clients who want to improve their performance in team meetings at work, for which they need to confidently speak up among just a few colleagues. I’ve helped clients with presentation tips to deliver more confident sales pitches, where they had to present to a panel of three. And I’ve worked with people who want to feel better, less anxious and more assertive about client meetings, improve their confidence for job interviews and learn how to feel calm and in control when making telephone calls.

Improve speaking confidence

Being a confident speaker is about a mind-set and approach that enables you to communicate your message effectively in any situation. All my mentoring clients leave with improved confidence and no presentation anxiety. This means that not only are they able to achieve their original goal, but often they tell me it has a positive impact on every single aspect of their lives.

When my clients master public speaking in all its forms, they become the kind of people who are happy to stand up and speak out; to show off their presentation skills; to share their ideas when necessary; to help others and pull their weight as part of a team; and to lead from the front. As their confidence grows, they are noticed more at work. One of my clients got the promotion and pay rise they deserved, and another applied for a new job that they wouldn’t have dared to before.

My approach makes a long-term, ongoing difference to people’s communication skills – and that’s why I absolutely love doing what I do.

Simply Amazing Training offers professional presentation skills and public speaking training courses for individuals and companies.  Have a look around the website, or call me today on 0330 223 4392  for an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 8 May 2015

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