The #1 Worry Hosting on Zoom or Presenting on Teams?  “What if the audience isn’t engaged?”

The #1 Worry Hosting on Zoom or Presenting on Teams? “What if the audience isn’t engaged?”

Often our clients #1 worry when it comes to virtual hosting or speaking is engaging their audience, they can’t see if, or how, the audience is receiving their message. They worry they are boring the person at the other end of the video call.

And there are good reasons for this concern – why?

  • You can’t see their full body language
  • It’s harder to see their facial expressions
  • It is harder for the host to create the same energy as a face-to-face meeting
  • The listeners are constantly receiving tempting texts and emails
  • It’s easier to lose concentration and get distracted
  • The listeners environment holds less accountability

If you’ve ever wondered if you are the boring one on the virtual meeting? Well, if you must ask…it’s probably true!  On virtual calls there is a much greater need to actively engage your audience and maintain that engagement!


So, you have decided it’s time to consciously engage your team, but what does that look like? Simply Amazing Training offers a wide range of techniques that really help to boost team energy levels (simple and advanced) However developed your virtual skillset is, we got you covered!


  • Know When to Open Up the Floor. If you’ve got over 3-4 people in a mixed group who don’t know one another and then you start opening the microphones, the non-speakers may be nodding off
  • It’s not just about you. Think about the audience and what interactions they can be involved with along the way
  • Let’s have a chat (box) Use the chat box to engage with people, think about what questions you can ask that provokes thought or invites opinions
  • Guide your Team. Take control of how you want the audience to interact, if you aren’t using the microphones and talking so much, the chat box is a simple place to make interaction really easy
  • Collaboration creates Fascination! Consider how you are going to get them involved in ‘shaping the story’ rather than appearing to be giving a lecture


  • Use whiteboards
  • Use tag questions to get people thinking
  • Use exercises to get people engaged
  • Utilise polls
  • Create and implement breakout rooms
  • Develop case studies to pull out key themes
  • Give them space to create some of their action plan in the call

These are to name just a few, for more information on how to implement these techniques effectively join our free virtual presenting taster webinar.

You must plan to actively engage your audience or suffer the consequences!

The great thing about creating engagement virtually is that interaction can and should be planned ahead of the meeting or presentation. We all know how the saying goes “planning prevents…poor performance”. The industry recommends planning a piece of engagement every 3-5 minutes. So get planning and preparing to get the audience engaged and nodding along not nodding off!

Hosting virtual and hybrid meetings and virtual presentations are here to stay. For help mastering these and staying ahead of the curve visit take a look at our virtual presenting workshops to bring out your best.

P.S next time you’re a participant in a virtual presentation/team call notice how easy it is for you to get distracted if you haven’t been consciously engaged in the content. If you did get distracted – now you know how important engagement is right?

Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 24 Feb 2021

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