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Stop those presenting shakes! How to stop your voice shaking during public speaking

We recently worked with a high-powered business woman. She was confident, articulate, intelligent and very well respected within her organisation. She had to present to senior decision makers on a daily basis, and that didn’t faze her one little bit. But put her on a stage to deliver a ‘formal’ presentation, and the shakes would start. First, shaky voice syndrome which then spread to her hands. This one area of her job revealed a massive chink in her confidence.

You might wonder ‘why does my voice shake when I’m nervous?’ It’s one of the most common speech anxiety symptoms. Many, many people suffer with a shaky voice and hands when nervous – and even shaky voice anxiety long before the presentation has begun. When our brain releases adrenaline, it increases our heart rate and causes shaky hands or voice, dry mouth and sweating.

So does that mean there’s nothing that can be done about the shakes? Absolutely not. We can deal with your stress and anxiety by taming your ‘Public Speaking Monkeys’ – those voices of self-doubt that say negative and discouraging things (“Your knees are knocking”, “No-one is listening because you’re so boring”, etc). Once we have worked together to tame your monkeys, you can flourish as a calm and confident speaker.

If you suffer from shaky voice or hands during presentations and you are ready to take action, get in touch. You can buy our book Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys: Building confidence for public speaking and presentations, or you could read more about our multi-award winning one-to-one presentation skills training modules. The main thing is to address the issue head-on.

Oh, and that business woman we mentioned at the beginning? She tamed her monkeys and conquered her shakes. Now she enjoys every aspect of her work, and feels calm and confident when she’s delivering a presentation. She surprised herself by saying she actively enjoys public speaking now!

Contact us for more information about how we can help you with your fear of having a shaky voice whilst presenting at work.


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Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 4 Sep 2017

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