How to speak more slowly using apps to help

How to speak more slowly using apps to help

Speak too quickly? Need to slow down? Well, technology can help you learn how to do this.

Why is slowing down such a good thing for most presenters? Well there are a number of reasons and my top 3 are:

  • It helps you to breathe correctly, thus feel relaxed and calm rather than flustered and out of breath!
  • It allows time for the audience to ponder what you are saying, digest it and apply it to themselves
  • It gives you more time – you might use this to read and adapt to the audience or reaffirm where you are in the presentation

So if you want to practise then there are 2 apps that I recommend to my presentation skills training clients who really need to slow down their speech:

Metronome App:

Many metronome apps are free, so you can ask someone to set this to the pace at which you normally talk. Then slow it down and practice talking to that slower pace. (some people need to slow down as much as half the speed).

PaceSetter App:

This is a little more sophisticated and is about £6 but works well with practice paragraphs to read.
Set it to 80 – 100 words (not syllables) per minute which is the ideal rate for a good speaker. I recommend clients use the “bouncing ball” to pace the sentences, with the sound off and rather than follow the ball precisely just aim to be at the end of the sentence when the ball is to make it more of a natural sentence.

So practise every day for 5 to 10 mins, ideally in the morning and that will set you up for a good pace all day.

There are more hints and tips on how to slow down when giving a Business Presentation in my Blog: Presentation Tips – Speaking Too Quickly and How to Slow Down…

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Dee Clayton

Posted by Dee Clayton on 16 Apr 2014

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